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Thread: teen mom's

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    Re: teen mom's

    Quote Originally Posted by caitalinna
    I'm not a teen mom, but I am in my final year of graduate school for social work, and what I would definitely recommend is getting in touch with a social worker, at least after the babies are born (every hospital has social workers, they will probably- or they should- come around and talk to you after the babies are born without you even asking, but also don't be afraid to ask for one!) The social worker can help you get in touch with any services that you might qualify for, parenting classes, headstart and all kinds of other programs. They can definitely be a great resource, as two babies at any age can be incredibly overwhelming.
    Also (as I'm sure you know) don't neglect taking care of yourself now, going for regular doctor visits, getting sleep and eating well, taking prenatal vitamins, etc.
    Best wishes!

    oh i forgot to ask- when are they due??
    thaank you for the advice!
    and they are due november 11
    Mommy of Aubrie Skye & Kenzey Noelle
    baby girl #3 on the way(:

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    Re: teen mom's

    I hope you have someone close to you who can support you in real life at this time, bae. I'm sure it will be challenging and that is the same for any age woman becoming a mother, not only at 15. But as a mum myself, I can tell you it's hugely rewarding too so enjoy it :)
    Good luck, sweetie.


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    Re: teen mom's

    I'm not a teen mom, but my mom was, and my grandma before her. My mom was an older teen, but a teen nonetheless, when she had my eldest brother. She got pregnant at eighteen and had my brother at nineteen. My grandma was sixteen when she had my mom. I'm eighteen right now, but I'm still a virgin so I've got no worries on the pregnancy front.

    It was really tough for my mom. She had a lot of support from my grandma, and cheap babysitting from my aunt, who is significantly younger than my mom. I've never met Farrell's (my brother's) dad, so obviously they didn't stay together.

    She was actually six or seven months pregnant for her graduation ceremony - she had to walk across the stage with a giant belly for all of the parents of her peers to see. I can only imagine how that would feel.

    I don't really have any advice for you, other than remember that your children are children and not dolls. I don't know you personally, but a lot of teenage moms just don't mature enough to take motherhood seriously. It's a big responsibility, especially twins! Your spare time will be nonexistent. You will be exhausted. You will have no money. You will be hungry and tired and cranky and sick of listening to babies cry 24/7, but remember that you are their mother and that no matter what, you have to be their mother. You're the only one they've got.

    Wow, listen to me getting all preachy. All I have left to say is: Good luck!!!

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    Re: teen mom's

    Hi BAE,

    I am sure you have heard it before a hundred times, but unless you are ready to 100% drop your life and everything you knew about it before, I would ask you to think about adoption for three reasons...

    A: Your Life...At fifteen, I remember just learning how to drive, getting together with my high school boyfriend, causing a raucous and having a ball doing it! I am also a TOTALLY different person than I was 7 years ago...I am a strong, loving, financially stable woman, about to graduate from college and go on to grad school, and most of this is because I had 7 years to work on growing up. You deserve to live out your adolescence, finish school, mature into an adult at your own pace, learn how to love yourself and be strong and then someday, have babies that you can afford emotionally, physically, monetarily and psychologically to love and take care of as they properly deserve.

    B: Your Babies' Lives...your children will probably have a pretty good life with you as their mother since you seem to care enough to be on a blogsite learning and discussing how you are doing. On the other hand, if they were to be adopted, they would have parents who would necessarily be able to care for them, provide them a home and a space, pay for anything they needed (have you seen rates of health insurance??) and also would necessarily want a child so bad they are willing and eager to wait as long as it takes to bring home their new baby(ies). Your children deserve to be given 100% of their parents' time, love, energy, and attention as that is the decision made when a person decides to become a parent. Doing this while finishing high school, or worse off trying to make a living without a high school diploma is going to be incredibly difficult, times 2.

    C: Your Babies' Future Adopted Parents Lives: SO many people are looking to adopt a child these days it is actually pretty insane. Many adults are unable to have babies due to a variety of illnesses, diseases or simple infertility. These people are generally the ones who want parenthood so bad they cry, often. I've known parents going through adoption processes and heartbreak when the mom changes her mind last minute, and I would do anything to give them a child.

    Putting your babies up for adoption would be one of the most respectable, selfless actions I could really think that would not by any means be easy, but one that would probably lead your life in a more positive way than taking on the responsibility of parenthood when you yourself are still only an adolescent... It might be harder now and more emotionally straining to even think about giving away these two lives who have been growing inside you for so many months now, but think also about long term.....

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    Re: teen mom's

    Hi BAE,
    I think that it's great that you are obviously concerned about becoming a parent, and very impressive that you are taking it so seriously at only 15. I am not a parent myself, and so can not offer any advice, but I think that, given that you are trying to perpare yourself the best way you can, you and your babies will be fine. Just learn as much as you can, save up as much money as you can (babies cause big expense!), surround yourself with supportive people and don't be afraid to ask for help!

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