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Thread: Leon or Lionel

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    Leon or Lionel

    DH and I were talking about names we like recently and Leon got brought up, as it is his mother's maiden name (she is from Portugal and DH was born there) and would be a great way to honor her. I like it, but am not crazy about it because in America is feel like it has a "redneck" connotation or something, (does anyone else feel this way? and i don't mean to offend anyone with the redneck comment, I'm Texan born and bred & just didn't know how else to describe it!) but thought that if we chose another name in the "Leo" family we could still honor her. I came across Lionel on the "Royal Names" list and loved it, as it feels hip but still has that classic feel we love in names. FYI: Leo and Leopold are not an option. They remind DH of Leo Dicaprio, which I have no problem with :), but he loathes them.

    Leon or Lionel? And which ones go better with our top names?


    Theodore nn Teddy
    Cormac nn Mac
    Henry nn Hal
    Oliver nn Ollie


    Harriet nn Hattie
    Philippa nn Pippa

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    Re: Leon or Lionel

    I have been really digging Leon lately. I think Leone would also make a great middle name for a boy or Leonie for a girl. Leon is a very hip name in Europe and maybe it will catch on here. Lionel makes me think of a lion or a trainset.

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    Re: Leon or Lionel

    I love both Leon and Lionel. I think Lionel goes slightly better with your other names though. I dont get the "redneck" image at all when I hear the name Leon. I've met plently of rednecks and none were named Leon. Lionel does have a little more spunk and substance than Leon does. Plus, if you dont want the name Leo, you might not want to choose Leon.
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    Re: Leon or Lionel

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    Re: Leon or Lionel

    Lionel for sure!

    I think it goes beautifully with Theodore, Rufus, Henry, Oliver & all of your girls names.
    Seeing as you posted a list, just want to say I LOVE: Theodore nn Teddy & Eleanor. They are my top 2 names. I also love your entire girls list, as well as Lionel & Rufus, and I really like Henry, Oliver & Cormac.
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