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    I know someone who recently had a baby boy named Cairo. At first I didn't like the name too much but it's really growing on me and is becoming one of my guilty pleasure names (even though I'd probably never use it on my own child).

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Cairo

    It has a nice sound to it, and I like the -o ending. However, I really am not a fan of place names in general, and this seems like a particularly odd one to me.

    Do they have a particular connection with Cairo (the place), or was it a random choice?
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    Re: Cairo

    I think it sounds cool but I'm not sure if I'd ever use it. I'm also not a fan of place names but I have more of a soft spot for unusual or not commonly used place names. Like, Israel and Dublin, instead of London and Sierra.
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    Re: Cairo

    I think it sounds great, but I wouldn't use it because it's a place. Imagine if the kid ever actually went to Egypt- people would think his name was pretty bizarre. It would be like if you were Egyptian and your name was something like Texas. I'm okay with place names that were names first, though, like Georgia, Charlotte, Virginia, etc.

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