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    Griffin vs. Finn

    Griffin nn Finn or just Finn? I need a list of pros and cons for each, I can't decide!
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    Re: Griffin vs. Finn

    I love both, although I think Finn is getting too popular, and is probably going to only go up in popularity over the next couple of years. Growing up, I also knew a really nice guy named Griffin, so I have a good association with that name (he'd be about 30 now). So, I'd go with Griffin! Plus, if you were really stuck on Finn, that could always be GrifFIN's nickname.

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    Re: Griffin vs. Finn

    I like Griffin, it's a little more substantial without being too long. Plus you could still call him Finn as a nn.

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    Re: Griffin vs. Finn

    Pros-Would set him apart from all the other Finns.
    -Not girly, and not going to turn into a trendy girl name (hopefully)
    -A name to fall back on when or if Finn doesn't fit him
    -probably will sound better with middle names/last name

    Pros- No built in nicknames, your son will always be called exactly what you name him
    -Has a very clear style (easier to find siblings names)
    -Short and sweet, which I love!

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    Re: Griffin vs. Finn

    I agree with justthinkin about Griffin being a bit more substantial, especially when he becomes a grown man.

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