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    Tackiest name you've ever heard?

    What are the tackiest names you've heard in real life? By tacky, I mean those tasteless, trashy names that just make you squirm!

    My worst one is Jack Daniel - my sort of cousin, he's about 10. That's just setting your kid up to be an alcoholic if you ask me. Both are nice names, but together ... urgh! And another similar name, a friend of another cousin - Champagne. Surprised her parents actually knew how to spell it, but it's so tacky..
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    Well a lot of the names on Toddlers and Tiaras are pretty bad but one I saw a few weeks ago really stood out. It was Sparkal Queenz. I don't know how someone could do that to a child! If your last name is Queenz, I don't understand why you'd think Sparkal is an appropriate name.

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    I met a woman who named her daughter Porsche Diamond Destiny...

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    I knew a little girl named Turquoise. That's pretty bad but I saw a girl on Extreme Couponing the other night named Tequila!

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    A girl name Kimberly, but spelled it "Cimburleigh".....

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