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    Middle name for Locke

    We like the name Locke. Any suggestions on a middle name? Our last name is Wilson. Does Locke Wilson sound ok? If not, any other suggestions.

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    Re: Middle name for Locke

    I think it's different and cool. And I like LOST!

    I'm not good at suggestions...tell us what you're thinking, and I'll pick my favorites from your list.

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    Re: Middle name for Locke

    I like the name Locke. With Locke Wilson, I think a 3 or 4 syllable middle name would work best. Below are a few:

    Locke Bartholomew Wilson
    Locke Timothy Wilson
    Locke Anthony Wilson
    Locke Frederick Wilson
    Locke Orion Wilson
    Locke Montgomery Wilson
    Locke Cornelius Wilson

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    Re: Middle name for Locke

    What a cool name! Sounds like a detective or a cowboy. I like the suggestion of Locke Montgomery Wilson.

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    Re: Middle name for Locke

    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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