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    Baby #8 is here !!

    Hey Berries =D

    Well, I just had time now to get into Nameberry and announce that our little girl is here. She was born 4 months ago and all these months I was taking care of her and didn't have time.

    Tallulah Mitzi Tatum Hawke Davidson has arrived on April 16th, via cesarian section in Los Angeles. Talullah is our 6th baby, and my 8th baby !

    Tallulah joins sister Dominique (14) and Delilah (11), from my previously relationship, Annemarie (8 1/2), Alexia (7), Cleo (4 1/2), Keenan (3 1/2) and Prince-Keagan (18 months old).

    We're all happy and thankful to God for bringing us this princess !

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    Re: Baby #8 is here !!

    Wow! Congrats! One of my daughter's best friends is number 7 of 8 kids (4 boys and 4 girls), so I know how hectic a house can be with 8 kids! I wish you the best!!


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    Re: Baby #8 is here !!

    Congratulations, lovely to hear about your newest daughter and your family.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Baby #8 is here !!

    Congratulations! Adorable name and quite a family! My husband is one of 8 -- I'm sure you ARE busy. Thanks for letting us know.
    Pam Satran

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