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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    Thanks for all your opinions. I think I prefer Jasper (we are in Australia, so I like the fact that it is less common) - however my partner loves Oscar, so we may just be waiting till we meet him!

    Lexilee and Mazianna - Alexander works really well as a middle name with both names! I think I like the 2 syllable/3syllable combo.

    Cecily - unfortunately our surname is also 2 syllables, which is making me think I should rule out the 2 syllable middle names (which is hard)

    I love -

    Good name choices (:

    I'm also considering
    Graeme (I know they're 2 syllables, but both are family names)
    as middle names.

    Any preferences?

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    Whatever you do, don't pick Jasper! It's mine! :)

    These are both great names. Not sure how you can go wrong. Agree with other posters Oscar is a bit edgier, but both are in the nice middle between too popular and too weird.

    If you pick Jasper, brace for it to become very popular. I could be wrong, but I think that will be its fate.

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    Love Oscar. I definitely prefer Oscar to Jasper.
    Favorite girl names: Estella, Marielle, Carys, Doutzen, Mireille, Edith, Saskia, Eve, Sienna, Cosima, Winnie, Delphine, Meredith, Sylvie, Sloane

    Favorite boy names: Otto, Owen, Aaron, Daniel, Henry, Adam, Seth, Abram/Bram, Johan, Johannes, Sven, George, Adlai, Adam

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    I am in Melbourne and know more kid Jaspers than Oscars, but it's location specific too. For example I wouldn't necessarily say Raphael is a popular name but I live in the arty/green belt, and there's lots of little Raphaels out here. Oscar's perhaps more an inner city name (used to live in Northcote/North Fitz and there were a few Oscars six years ago), and i guess they are both creeping into the suburbs.

    I think both names are gorgeous. I'm a writer and I have a little boy Jasper in my urban fantasy trilogy (set in Tasmania...he's a great character) and I really wanted to name my first child Oscar if she'd been a boy.

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