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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    Both names are very popular where I am. But for good reason, they are great names.

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?


    Jasper and Oscar are both fantastic (I will admit that it took me a while to get over the Oscar the Grouch associations I had - sorry, that's a bit childish of me). I think that they would make a great sibset (that is, if you don't mind the repeating "r" endings), even. Which is better with your last name? You can also wait to meet your son and see which one suits him best...

    Jasper, actually, is the less common one. In the state I used to live in, Oscar was in the Top 100. In the whole United States, Oscar is #131, while Jasper is #337, so neither are overly popular or completely obscure. Oscar ranked #30 in both New South Wales, Australia and England in 2009, while I didn't find Jasper in the Top 100 for either places. Both have potential to rise, though - Jasper is found in the Twilight movies and novels, Oscar has that fashionable "O" initial, and both are vintage and choices.

    How many syllables is your last name?

    Jasper August
    Jasper Augustin
    Jasper Barnaby
    Jasper Benjamin
    Jasper Calvin
    Jasper Charles
    Jasper Damian
    Jasper Declan
    Jasper Elias
    Jasper Elijah
    Jasper Elliot
    Jasper Gideon
    Jasper Julian
    Jasper Julius
    Jasper Leo
    Jasper Leon
    Jasper Nathaniel
    Jasper Quentin
    Jasper Sebastian
    Jasper Vincent
    Jasper William

    Oscar Abraham
    Oscar Barnaby
    Oscar Benjamin
    Oscar Calvin
    Oscar Charles
    Oscar Damian
    Oscar Declan
    Oscar Elias
    Oscar Elijah
    Oscar Elliot
    Oscar Gabriel
    Oscar Gideon
    Oscar Julian
    Oscar Julius
    Oscar Leo
    Oscar Leon
    Oscar Nathaniel
    Oscar Patrick
    Oscar Quentin
    Oscar Sebastian
    Oscar Vincent
    Oscar William

    Good luck! :)

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    Well I am a bit biased because my 2 year old son is Jasper Alexander. It is great name all round and we have never looked back! Some old people think Jasper is a bit stuffy, but I work in a high school and all the kids love it which is a good sign. I love Oscar too but is very popular in Australia. Jasper is also on the rise coming in at 99 in our state in 2008 and jumping 20 places in 2009. If you want a cool and classy name which everyone can spell and pronounce with no hassles but is not everywhere, Jasper is a great choice.

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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    I am no help. i really like both names. My SO says Oscar though. I think either way you'll end up with a great name!
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    Re: Jasper or Oscar?

    I like Jasper more. Sounds way better than Oscar.

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