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    Re: Middle names for Avery?

    Avery is one of my top names. Here are my mn's I like. We have a 4 syllable last name, so if you have a short last name they may not work as well.

    Avery Kate
    Avery Claire
    Avery Paige
    Avery Tess
    Avery Charlotte

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    Re: Middle names for Avery?

    what about avery sophia?! i thnk it's pretty

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    Re: Middle names for Avery?

    Avery is my absolute favorite girls name. Unfortunately my husband doesn't like it and it doesn't sound that great w/ my last name.

    My top choice would be Avery Grace (the actress Angie Harmon's middle daughter's name)

    I know of three little girls named Avery Elizabeth, one named Avery Caroline, one named Avery Mae, and one named Avery Elise. All very very cute.

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