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    May 2012
    Some of my evolving favorites:

    Hermione Grey - Lola Meredith - Matilda Charlotte - Meredith Eloise - Verity Kate - Violet Athena

    Benjamin Michael - Burke Atticus - Chandler Michael - Cole Shepard - Jackson Rupert - Nolan James

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    Pensacola, Florida

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    A-Aria/aderyn/arden, archer (tie)
    B- brynn, bennett
    C- cordelia, corbin/cohen (tie)
    D- Dahlia, devlin
    E- evangeline, everett
    F- farrah ,felix
    G- geneva, garrick
    H- harper, harlow
    I- indira, indigo
    J- jolie, jack
    K- karis, kieran
    L- larkin, lennox
    M- maren, margaux, makaria, mazarine and marlow, merrick - can't decide!
    N- noemi, noella and nash
    O- -, oscar
    P- petra, pierce
    Q- Quinn, Quinton
    R- Roark, rafferty (ro-ark, after a time to kill - middle name only)
    S- Saphira, sandrine,seraphine, sloan and sloan
    T- tempest, tristan
    U- none
    V- verity, vaughn
    W- wren, west
    X- xandra, xander
    Y- yara, yuma
    Z- zephyrine, Zephyr

    Wow. That was eye opening. Apparently I like certain letters and sounds much more than I though.
    Natacha - mother to Geneva Simone and Marlena Carys
    a site that surveys people with the same name.

    Current Favs:
    Boys: Archer Sloan or Merrick
    Girls: Indira Maren or Sloan

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    Gallifrey, Kasterborous
    Allison / Alfie or Alastair
    Bree / Bradbury
    Chloe / Charlie or Chester
    Danielle / Darwin
    Eleanore / Elliot
    Florence / Flynn
    Gale / Gabriel
    Hallie / Hayden
    Isabelle / Isadore
    Julie / Jeremy
    Katie / Kurt
    Laurel / Lyric or Lucas
    Madeleine / Matt
    Natalie / Nicholas
    ??? / Oliver
    Phoebe or Petra / Phineas
    Quincy / Quill
    Rose / Rory
    Spencer / Steven (or Sebastian or Sherlock)
    Teagan / Toby
    All names that start with u seem to conjure up unfitting images for me.
    Vienna / Vincent
    Whimsy / Wilfred
    ??? / Xavier
    Yule / Yule (cheating?)
    Zoey / Zachary
    I'm Nicholas Elliot. Call me Nick, Elie, or whatever you like!
    Top Girls' names: Allison nn Allie, Chloe, Eleanore nn Ellie, Florence nn Florie, Juliet nn Julie, Natalie nn Allie, Rose
    Top Boys' names: Alastair nn Alex / Ali, Alfred nn Alfie, Charles nn Charlie, Chester, Elliot nn Elie, Flynn, Rory, bonus boys' names: Gale, Steven, Nathaniel, and Florent

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    A: Atlas and Alice
    B: Baxter and Bryony
    C: Charlie and Cleo
    D: Dashiell and Delilah
    E: Everett and Eloise
    F: Felix and Florin
    G: Guthrie and Geneva
    H: Hugo and Hazel
    I: Ivor and Ismay
    J: Jasper and Juniper
    K: Kestrel? I hate this letter.
    L: Leo and Lydia
    M: Marigold and Magnus
    N: Nathaniel and Naomi
    O: Otto and Odessa
    P: Prospero and Portia
    Q: Quincy (for both genders)
    R: Roscoe and Rhiannon
    S: Shiloh and Sylvie
    T: Thaddeus and Tamsin
    U: Umber and Undine
    V: Vesper and Valentine
    W: Waldo and Winifred
    X: Xavier and Xanthe
    Y: Yarrow and Yasmin
    Z: Zephyr (for both genders)

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