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    Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    A-Antanasia, Amadeus
    B- Belinda, Benjamin
    C- Cammeo, Carston
    D- Diella, Damian
    E- Evangeline, Eleazar
    F- Fallon, Farren
    G- Gwendolyn, Gratian
    H- Honor, Hart
    I-Ireland, Ivor
    J- Jacqueline, Jasper
    K- Kensington, Kelvin
    L- Louel, Leonid
    M- Marion, Mercer
    N- Noel, Noam
    O- Ovidia, Orit
    P- Penelope, Padraig
    Q-Quintessa, Quincy
    R- Rose, Rhett
    S- Sia, Shade
    T- Tigerlilly, Tristram
    U-Una, Uriah
    V- Vivi, Vincent
    W- Wisteria, Willard
    X- Xanthe, Xerxes
    Y- Yvaine, Yale
    Z- Zosia, Zephyr

    Those are mine, what are yours?
    Writer of The Mod Podge Bookshelf, author of some books, lover of sticky notes and names!

    Current favorite girls: Beatrix, Elizabeth, Gwendolyn, Helena, Isobel, Jemima, Margo, Rose, Tigerlily & Zora

    Current favorite boys: Callum, Damian, Gideon, Henry, Jonah, Laughlin, Leo & Oscar

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