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    Apr 2011
    Althea, Arman
    Brynn, Bryce
    Calliope, Cassius
    Dahlia, Dante
    Evelyn, Enzo
    Fiametta, Finnick
    Georgia, Gavin
    Hala, Helios
    Isabel, Indio
    Jasmine, Jason
    Kyla, Kyle (lol)
    Luna, Lennox
    Mina & Matteo, or Malika & Maddox... I can't choose!
    Nika, Nathaniel
    Ophira, Orion
    Pele, Pax
    Q - I got nothin
    Rhea, Raffael
    Saoirse, Sandros
    Tatiana, Tomas
    Ursa, Uziah
    Valentina... there isn't a V boy's name I like.. so Valentino?
    Willow, Weston
    Yasmine, Yousif
    Zara, Zaven

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    Aug 2012
    Aimee and Aries
    Bella and Blade
    Chloe and Cole
    Danae and Damian
    Eira and Eric
    Fiona and Finn
    Glinda and Gambit
    Honour and Heiki
    Isis and Isaac
    Jasmine and Joaquin
    Kaiya and Kai
    Layla and Liir or Loki
    Melody and Mars
    Nahla and Niall
    Odette and Orion
    Priya and Pheonix
    Quita and Quentin
    Riqua and Ronin
    Sitara and Seven
    Tehya and Tobias
    U - nothing
    Veya or Viiu and Van
    Willow and Wyatt
    Xandra and Xavier
    Y- nothing
    Zoe and Zane

    I have weird name crushes...most of these would probably be better on cats than kids but...oh well!

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    Oct 2011
    Sparrow Jedediah, 21, he/him pronouns

    Saoirse Foxglove Adair : Edith Fenella Roisín : Aviva Madeleif Eimear : Beatrice Morwenna Yael : Saskia Ruby Françoise : Irene Sophronia Maebh : Moira Fielding Yvaine : Atalanta Briallen Tove : Thea Persephone Rue
    Atlas Dodge Erickson : Dashiell Angus Fitzwilliam : Byron Havelock Rivers : Vincent Horatio Bear : Lionel Sutton Barnaby : Dorian Iver Oswald : Hollis Arthyen Tadhg : Oscar Joyce Rafferty : Noel Peregrine Wilder
    full list

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    Apr 2012
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    A- Adelaide & Arthur
    B- Bronwen & Benjamin
    C- Carys & Carsten
    D- Danae & Davin
    E- Eliana & Ezra
    F- Fiona & Francois
    G- Gwendolyn & Gilbert
    H- Hope & Henry
    I- Isabelle & Ian
    J- Joy & John
    K- Kathryn & Kurt
    L- Laura & Leonard (my DH)
    M- Mireille (pronounced in French) & Mathias
    N- Naomi & Nathaniel
    O- Oceane (but only pronounced in French) & Oliver
    P- Phoebe & Philip
    Q-Querebina & Quillan
    R- Ruth & Richard
    S- Sarika & Solomon
    T- Tess & Theodore
    U- Urara & Uriel (Urara was the name of a Japanese student of mine -we called her Oooo la la for fun )
    V- Vivienne & Vincent
    W- Wyn & Wiliam
    X- Ximena & Xavier
    Z- Zara & Zachary

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