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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    Yes! I had such a hard time choosing just one boy name for J, there are so many I love. It's definitely my favorite first letter.

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    As your name suggests! Oddly J was one I struggled with quite a lot...though actually I do quite like Juniper, come to think of it.

    edit: and Jude, actually, now that I've sought out your list in an attempt to widen my J horizons. Why didn't I think of that?

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    Jude is my favorite name for a boy! I feel as if I could have a family that consisted of only J's: Juniper, Jude, Josiah, James, John, Juliet, Jael, Joel, Jared, Jonah, and names that start with G but sound like J like Gemma and Georgia. :-)

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    C, J, M, and V are hard for me!
    Also interesting debate: some of these I LOVE, and are my favorites "from afar", but I probably wouldn't use them in the end due to my last name / being more conservative in practice than in my mind : D. And in a few cases, also love but probably wouldn't use for fear of the name being too popular. Did anyone else feel that way filling this out?

    So interesting to go through and see some of the overlaps...
    Anyway there's some fluctuation in this but for today...

    A - Andreas and Adelaide
    B - Benjamin and Beatrix
    C - Christopher and Cordelia (love-hate relationship with Cordelia : D)
    D - David and Delaney (Delaney is so not my style, but I love it! And close up is Daveney!)
    E - Edward and Eleanor
    F - Frank and Fiona
    G - Graham and Georgia
    H - Henry and Helena
    I - Ian and Isla
    J - Joseph and Josephine (ha!)
    K - Kirk and Kerensa
    L - Lionel and Linnea
    M - Milo and Madeleine
    N - Nathaniel and Naomi
    O - Oliver and Odelia
    P - Peter and Penelope
    Q - Quentin and Quill
    R - Raphael and Rosa
    S - Sebastian and Serena
    T - Tobias and Tamsin
    U - Ulysses and Ursula
    V - Vincent and Vera
    W - William and Willa (ha!)
    X - Xavier and Xiomara
    Y - Yannick and Yesenia
    Z - Zachary and Zoe

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