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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    I'm gonna do it off the top of my head, so I could get a few wrong

    Annabelle and Angus
    Beatrix and Brandon
    Cassia and Clark
    Dinah and Dashiell
    Elizabeth and Everett
    Fiona and Finn
    Gwen and Grant
    Hattie and Hart
    Ivy and Ian
    June and Jake
    Katherine and Keene
    Lulette and Leo
    Margo and Miles
    Nixie and Nicholas
    Olivia and Oz
    Penelope and Perry
    Quinn and Quill
    Rosalie and Rex
    Scarlett and Spencer
    Tessa and Thomas
    Unity and Ulysses
    Virginia and Viggo
    Whitney and Wilder
    Xochitl and Xavier
    Yanna and Yardley
    Zoe and Zachary
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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    Penelope and Perry
    I love those names. They are my second choice P names, actually. :-)

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    A-Audrey and Aidan
    B-Bryn and Benjamin
    C-Claire and Charles
    D-Dashiell and Danica
    E-Emmeline and Everett
    F-Fiona and Fynn
    G-Grace and Gray
    H-Hermione and Henry
    I-Isabelle and Iain
    J-Juliet and Jude
    K-Katherine and Kieran
    L-Logan and Livia
    M-Madeleine and Mason
    N-Natalie and Noah
    O-Oceane and Oliver
    P-Portia and Phineaus
    Q-Quinn (for both)
    R-Reid and Rebecca
    S-Sophie and Sullivan
    T-Talia and Theo
    U-Uma and Ulysses
    V-Veronica and Vaughn
    W-Wren and William
    X-Xenia and Xavier
    Y-Yvaine and Yannick
    Z-Zoya and Zander

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    I thought this might be fun to come back and do.

    Arthur and Adele
    Barnaby and Belle
    Charlie and Clara
    Donahue and Delia
    Emmett and Eleanor
    Fred and Florence
    Grover and Genevieve
    Harry and Helen
    Isaac and India
    Jasper and Jane
    Kenneth and Kaia
    Lennon and Lucy
    Morgan and Miriam
    Nico and Natalia
    Oliver and Opal
    Peter and Pearl
    Quinn and Quinn (the only Q name I like)
    Ray and Ruby
    Silas and Sky
    Theo and Tallulah
    Ulysses and Una
    Vance and Violet
    William and Wendy
    Xander and Xenia
    Yuri and Yena
    Zane and Zahara

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    Re: Favorite boy and girl name for every letter

    Has anyone else discovered a favourite naming letter or letters by doing this? Mine are apparently C, D, G, and R. I had to debate between a few different choices for all of them.

    Aderyn & Aleksei
    Beatrice & Bryn
    Carys & Cameron
    Della & Dafydd/Daveth
    Eugenie & Emlyn
    Florence & Frederic
    Gweneira & Gareth
    Henriette & Hendrik
    Ilsa & Idris
    January & Johan
    Kerensa & Kai
    Léonie & Liam
    Mireille & Marcellin
    Nyssa & Nikolai
    Oriel & Owain
    Pippa & Patrick
    Quintessa & Quentin
    Rhosyn & Rhys
    Sienna & Soren
    Thomasina & Teifion
    Umbrielle & Ulysses
    Verity & Virgil
    Winifred & Warrick
    Xenia & Xander
    Yseult & Yeats
    Zara & Zachary

    (I would just like it to be known that despite having the names of three British princesses on this like, I am in no way a monarchist! Everyone likes Beatrice, and I got Eugenie from Eugenie Scott, so there! And Z names hate me, though I would have probably liked Zillah in a giant-tokyo-reptile-less world :P)

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