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    Do you have intuition?

    So... I'm a little scared to post this because I think you're all going to think I'm crazy. I promise that I'm not!

    So when I was in high school I had a split-second vision of what my baby would look like. And I knew it was a boy with light hair and fair skin. And now that my first child turned out to be a boy who looks like that vision I had, I'm shocked that I was right way back then!

    Now, I have another vision of a girl with slightly wavy, auburn hair and big blue eyes. That imagine is crazy vivid, if I could draw, I would be able to draw a picture of her. I also have an image of a girl with straight brown hair, a boy with dark brown curlyish hair, and a boy with very blonde hair. There is also a muddy image of a baby girl, but I can't tell what she looks like.

    I saw a painting of a little blonde boy and my VERY first thought was "Aw, that looks like Finn". Isn't that weird? It was very strange when I realized that, um, Finn doesn't exist yet so how can I know that looks like him?

    So, basically my question is, do you do this? Am I just being a "girly girl" like my husband says? I have always imagined my future children like I know everybody does, but this feels different. It's like I know for sure that these are my kids, I know what their names are and I have an idea of their personalities, even. It *feels* like a psychic sort of thing, but I've never had any psychic experiences before (unless that image of the baby in high school counts).

    What do you think? Am I just going crazy for some reason? Could I be right? Has the same sort of thing happened to you?
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    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
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