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    Re: Do you have intuition?

    Quote Originally Posted by lyndsayjenness
    Bella, I completely love what you said! What a great way to think of it! I hope you are right, that totally makes sense to me. You seriously made me feel a lot better and less crazy!
    Wonderful darling! I'm only here to help! :)

    Just to make you feel really less crazy- Gwen and Carston are red heads, Gwen has green eyes, Carston my blue eyes. Tigerlilly and Evangeline are twins, as well as Benjamin and Jasper. Now you have to feel completely average! :)


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    Re: Do you have intuition?

    Well, I too have "visions" of what I would imagine my future children to look like... But I guess I base it more off of genetics (yes, my logical side and non-creativeness is showing).
    For example, since I have brown hair and brown eyes and so do my parents (as well as my dad's parents, mom was adopted), I can assume all of my kids will have brown hair and brown eyes - no matter who I marry. I often have "images" of what my future children might look like, but it's always brown hair and eyes... Sometimes I get crazy and imagine blue eyes, and wonder if maybe I'm carrying some unknown blue eyed gene from my mom's family. Lol

    So, yeah, I guess I get visions. But I think that we choose a name and imagine a face and personality around them - like authors do.
    Sorry to get all technical and science-y, but that's what happens to me. I even apply genetics when I'm writing a story lol.

    By the way, what color hair and eyes do you and your husband have? That could help specify your vision of your children. (Also take into account your parents' hair and eye colors, if you want to be really specific lol)

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    Re: Do you have intuition?

    I always thought I would have a little girl with curly medium-length hair, sort of like Caroline Kennedy when she was little. (Don't ask me why I thought I would, I could just picture her!)
    And guess husband and I have a little girl (age 8) with curly, dark-blond medium-length hair! Emily definitely turned out to look like Caroline Kennedy as a child.
    It must be mother's intuition, as a pp said!

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    Re: Do you have intuition?

    Yes.. but not in the same way as you, OP..

    Before I got pregnant with each of my 2 boys, I could "feel their spirit" hanging around me.. waiting for any little "happy accidents", lol. Both times, as soon as I found out I was PG, I knew their first names instantly... which is probably why I've always struggled finding a girl name I totally adore, because I have 2 boys.

    Anyway.. I think I would call that intuition :)
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    Re: Do you have intuition?

    When my dr. first said the words "your pregnant" My mind showed a picture of a cubby baby girl w/ brown hair and eyes to match. (im 30 weeks preggers) Sounds kooky but intuition exists.
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