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    Re: Name This BIG Family

    Your name(made up): Juliet Catherine Moray
    You marry your high school sweetheart: Tristan Frederick Darling
    You get married in what season: Autumn
    Where: New England
    Honeymoon: Scotland

    Three years later you become pregnant with a boy. He must have 2 middle names. His FN can be whatever you want. First middle name must start with a vowel and second middle name must be based on honeymoon location.
    His name: August Ewan Sutherland Darling

    You try for a girl a year later and end up with two girls! Both girls must have 3 middle names.
    Girl1: FN is whatever you want. First MN must be a flower name. Second MN must be your maiden name. Third MN must be a color.
    Girl2: FN is 4 syllables. First MN is after your grandmother. Second MN is a city. Third middle name is one syllable.
    Their names:
    Georgia Rose Moray Scarlett Darling
    Henrietta Evelyn Cairo Fleur Darling

    Two years later you try for one more boy, you end up with two! Both boys must have two middle names and FN's must begin with the same letter.
    Boy1: FN after an athlete. First MN is a unisex name. Second MN is after a scientist.
    Boy2: FN whatever you want. First MN is based on the season you married in. Second middle name is a biblical name.
    Their names:
    Luther Sage Albert Darling
    Lennox Octavius Jethro Darling

    You've always wanted to adopt a baby so two years later you head to Mexico and adopt a 1mth old baby girl. FN: native to her country. First MN name is a month in the year. Second MN is after an actress you like. Third MN after your wedding location.
    Her name:
    Mariposa October Meriel Somerset Darling

    You feel as if you family is complete but to your surprise your pregnant again! and with quads! Two boys and two girls. The first letter of their first names combined must spell SHOP. You have full liberty naming them. Have fun.
    Their names:
    Shepherd Pace Rufus Darling
    Honor Roxane Blue Darling
    Olive Rosabelle Fawn Darling
    Patrin Shale Rudolph Darling

    Oh but you got divorced and remarried, yeah.
    The new DH: Jasper Fitzgerald De la Rosa
    He had 3 kids from his previous marriage. Two boys and one girl. You have full liberty naming them once again.
    Their names:
    Bruno Crosby Hayes De la Rosa
    Asher Ellington Frost De la Rosa
    Jessamine Holiday Ayre De la Rosa

    Surprise! you're preggo with the new DH's baby and it's a girl!
    FN: Virtue name First MN: nature name. Last two MN's whatever you want.
    Her name:
    Silence Bay Eidel Claire De la Rosa

    You live happily ever after. No more kids. The End.
    Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Eliot

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