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    you are 15. you have a supportive boy friend. one day you find out you are accidentaly pregnant.your mom is very mad and kicks you out. your boy friends mom understands and you move in with him. your boy friend is very supportive and will go with any thing you decide to do. you end up deciding to keep the baby. when the baby is born your boyfriend is there and so is his mom. your mom gets a phone call from you and you tell her that its a baby girl and you tell her the babies name. her first name is after your boyfriends mom.
    what is your name? Hailey Rose Albright
    whats your BF's name? Scott Rory Greyton
    whats your BF moms name? Sarah Elizabeth Greyton
    what is the babies name? Eliza Hailey Greyton (Liza)

    you are now and your boy friend have a very small wedding.your mom shows up at your wedding. this is the first time you have seen her in 3 years! she appologizes and begs you to forgive her. you do. she ends up taking your daughter while your on your honey moon so she can bond with your daughter.
    where/when are you married? Hometown, autumn, forest manor hotel.
    where do you honey moon? Kenya

    you are now 21. you just graduated from collage and you and your hubby decide to try for one more kid. you end up having triplets! they are all girls! baby 1 has your hair and eyes. her name must be nature related. baby2 has your hubbys hair and your eyes. her name is after your mother. baby3 has your hair and your hubbys eyes. she has the same middle name as your husband.
    what are their names? Ember Hailey Greyton, Georgina Karen Greyton (Georgie), & Luna Rory Greyton.

    you are now 23 and decide you are ready for another baby in the house. this time you find out it is a little boy! his name must start with the same letter as your name and have the same middle name as your father.
    what is his name? Harry John Greyton

    now you are 25.your kids are 10,4,4,4,and 2. you now have a stable job and your hubby is running his own want one more kid. you have trouble becoming pregnant so you turn to IVF. you end up haveing QUINTUPLETS! 3 boys and 2 girls. they must all have the same initials.
    what are their names? Rosie Amber Greyton, Raven Alice Greyton (Rae), Robert Alistair Greyton (Robbie), Ryan Alfie Greyton & Rufus Alexander Greyton (Rufie).

    now you are a mother of 10 kids ages 14,8,8,8,6,4,4,4,4,4! you go on vacation for 2 weeks.
    where do you go?
    while on vacation you fall in love with a baby boy. you decide to adopt him. his name must be from his country and his middle name must mean hope. around the same time you adopt him you find out you are 5 months pregnant! when he is born he gets very sick. he goes through many treatments and one day he starts getting better.finally you get to take him home!
    what is his name? William Scott Greyton (Liam)
    what is your adopted sons name? Zayn Amal Greyton (he's Arabic)

    you are now 33. your kids are ages 18,12,12,12,10,8,8,8,8,8,4,and 3 and a thought you were done having kids but you accidenatly fall pregnant again. this time it is healthy TWINS! both girls! you name them what ever you want!
    Coralie Rose Greyton (Cora) & Persephone Sarah Greyton (Sephy)
    you move into a giant house with 10 rooms (remember your oldest daughter moved out) where does everyone sleep?
    1. Parents
    2. Ember, Georgie, Luna
    3. Harry
    4. Rosie, Rae
    5. Robbie, Ryan, Rufie
    6. Liam
    7. Zayn
    8. Cora & Sephy
    9. Guest
    10. Guest

    one day your daughter calls you. she tells you she was raped and is now pregnant. she wants to keep the baby. 8 months later she gives birth sto a premature babygirl. she names the baby after you.
    what is the babies name?
    Tessa Hailey Greyton (Tess)

    many years later after all of you kids are out of the house except for the youngest two you already have 12 grand kids!
    Gracie Lara - from Ember
    Sukie Eliza & Charlie Jack - from Georgie
    Ciaran Scott - from Luna
    James William, Chase Oliver & Lily Sarah - from Harry
    Lavender Rosie - from Rosie
    Samuel Scott - from Rae
    Sian Elizabeth - from Robbie
    Joe Alexander - from Ryan
    Poppy Mae - from Rufie
    what are their names?

    Children: Liza, Ember, Georgie, Luna, Harry, Rosie, Rae, Robbie, Ryan, Rufie, Liam, Zayn, Cora & Sephy

    Grandchildren: Tess, Gracie, Sukie, Charlie, Ciaran, James, Chase, Lily, Lavender, Sam, Sian, Joe & Poppy.

    Writer, traveller, learner; name taste changing everyday!

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