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Thread: Loathe and Love

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    Cool Loathe and Love

    I wanted to start this game because I'm so interested in seeing the variations in peoples' tastes in names. (I've never posted a game before, so bear with me if you think this is lame).

    I'm interested in seeing a name you loathe, one you have no feelings about whatsoever, one that you love (not necessarily your #1), and a guilty pleasure.

    I think it would be more interesting if the name that was listed as "loathed" was one that other people seem to like, not just one that everyone generally hates.

    You don't have to explain the reasons.

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    I'll go first:

    Girl names:

    Loathe: Astrid

    Indifferent: Rose

    Love: Inez

    Guilty Pleasure: Moon

    Boy names:

    Loathe: Peter

    Indifferent: Joseph

    Love: Griffin

    Guilty Pleasure: Cove

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    Loathe: Nevaeh
    Indifferent: Emily
    Love: Mira
    Guilty Pleasure: Clover/Luna/Magnolia/Lilac - I love nature names but most of them seem too "out there" for me.

    Loathe: Cash/Kash
    Indifferent: William
    Love: Archer
    Guilty Pleasure: Beau -I can't have an Archer and a Beau!!! I also love love love boy names ending in O but I think they are too "exotic sounding" for a little boy from small town Iowa. Lilke Hugo...
    Ben & Lainy
    Expecting a
    rainbow June 4th, 2018

    Hubby approved...
    Archer . Asher . Ewan . Finn . Rowan
    Luna . Viola (Lola) . Violet

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    Girls -
    Loathe: Madison
    Indifferent: Anne
    Love: Stella
    Guilty pleasure: Isabeau

    Boys -
    Loathe: All names ending in -aden
    Indifferent: Jack
    Love: August
    Guilty pleasure: Arrow
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Loathe - Nevaeh
    Indifferent - Lily
    Love - Alice
    Guilty Pleasure - Blossom & Story

    Loathe - Leo
    Indifferent - Benjamin
    Love - Noah
    Guilty Pleasure - Romeo

    Grace, Early 20's and Bride-to-Be...Dreaming of Future Babies.

    Lucy Primrose, Alice Juliette, Rose Charlotte, Madeline Sophie, Lillian Faye, Ivy Elena, Amélie Winter.
    Mae Seraphina nn Maisy, Phoebe Luna, Annabella Violet, Kate Susannah.
    Noah Samuel, Rory Joshua, Luca Gabriel, Isaac Beau, Louis Daniel, Henry Rowan, William Elliott, Roman Alexander.

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