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Thread: Your Daycare :)

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    Your Daycare :)

    You always wanted to start a daycare center, So now you did.
    Whats your name?
    Whats your daycare called?
    Whats your assistants name?

    You have as many children as you want at your daycare and any age. Name them with lastname, age and gender. Discribe there apperince and personalilty. Have fun! :D

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    What’s your name? Taylor Elizabeth Preston
    What’s your daycare called? Cambridge Prep School
    What’s your assistants name? Quinn Whitney Gainsford, Parker Tabitha Wilcox, and Kelly Xavier Webb

    1. Victoria Eva Amherst
    2. Lucia Victoria Barnett
    3. Violet Carol Billington
    4. Ariana Gabrielle Browning “Aria
    5. Dakota Victor Carrington
    6. Tyler Jackson Chilton
    7. Sander Nehemiah Harrington
    8. Emerson Julian Hawthorne
    9. Waverly Veronica Hayworth
    10. Schuyler Delilah Hopkins
    11. Laurel Sadie LeightonLaurie
    12. Aviva Ariel Lennox
    13. Madeline Kimberly MorganMaddie
    14. Ashton Keith Pratt
    15. Colin August Sutton
    16. Chase Hope Sylvester
    17. Weston Henry TalbotWes
    18. Charlotte Stella TempletonCharlie
    19. Sterling Edgar Vanwinkle
    20. Reagan Malachi Winslow

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    Whats your name? Christina Jane Peterson "Ms. Chrissy"
    Whats your daycare called? Rainbows Carecenter
    Whats your assistants name? Marilyn Hope Jensen "Ms. Mary-Hope"

    1. Mikayla June Wilson: is a beautiful, smart girl who doesn't have much to say. She gets along with everyone, and is just a very simple but loving person. She's very easy to please, unlike her twin sister Julia. 2 years old.

    2. Dylan Michael Gregory: is the hot-shot, popular boy. He has very big goals, even though he's so small for his age. Dylan was the first boy out of all his friends to lose his first tooth, and well never let them forget it. 5 years old.

    3. Julia Michelle Wilson "Julie": is very outspoken, unlike her quiet twin. Julie is not afraid to share her opinion, and, if you let her, she can talk to you for hours and hours. Julie is friends with almost everybody, but she doesn't like some people and is not afraid to tell them that. 2 years old.

    4. Kevin Edward Sawyer: is a little boy that has the cutest, most contagious laugh. He's very funny and doesn't like to play rough, unlike most of the other boys. Kevin is very cute and loves chocolate cake.

    5. Amelie Victoria Chambers: is a beautiful little girl known for her green eyes. She is very smart and sweet, and is always willing to offer a hug or a compliment. Amelie loves to do art projects and to help wwith the class guinea pig. Loves her sisters, Miranda and Kylie. 2 years old.

    6. Delia Penelope Park: is a beautiful girl who loves to listen to stories. Unlike most children, Delia actually LISTENS to the stories and thinks about them. She is wise beyond her years, and absolutely adorable. 2 years old.

    7. Jackson Stewart Johanson "Jack": is a handsome young boy. Jack is very sensitive and often gets upset. He loves to play with action figures and he loves to eat Trix yogurt. He gets a kick out of magic tricks. 3 years old.

    8. Talia Imani Coleman: is a beautiful girl who loves to dance around the classroom and loves anything pink. Talia is the ultimate girly girl and loves to shop. She gets along with everybody. Her favorite time of the day is snack time because she loves all kinds of food. Age 18 months.

    9. Gavin Xung Chan: is a happy little boy that loves Scooby Doo. Gavin is allergic to dogs, and this makes him very upset. He likes to do gymnastics like his older sister. He likes to play outside because he loves sports.

    10. Rebecca Chi Chan "Becca": is the older sister of Gavin, and loves gymnastics. She is 9 years old in level 6 gymnastics, and next year may be going to the junior olympics. She has been a gymnast since age 2, and is the most flexible girl in the daycare center.

    11. Amber Caroline Zimmerman: is a girl that is destined to be a star. She absolutely loves singing and having her picture taken. Amber is not shy at all. Sometimes she is mean to the other girls because she thinks she is better than them. Age 2.

    12. Oliver Finn Davids: A beautiful boy who loves sleeping. He's a very heavy sleeper and can sleep through almost everything, including 15 silly children. Oliver's favorite part of daycare is nap time. 14 months old.

    14. Miranda Sunday Chambers: is a beautiful girl who doesn't like naptime and likes to gossip, read, and help with the little kids. She's very nice, but a bit of an attention-hogger. She is very protective of her sisters, Amelie and Kylie. Her best friend is Becca. Age 9.

    15. Collin Zane Shay: is a cute 10 year old boy who loves little kids and loves to help take care of them. Is good friends with Becca and Miranda. He likes sports, especially baseball, and wants to become a baseball player when he gets older. 10 years old.

    16. Kylie Danielle Chambers:, is Amelie and Miranda's little sister, only 6 months old. Kylie is the youngest person in the daycare center and everybody loves to play with her. Kylie is very ticklish. Miranda always looks out for her. 6 months old.
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    Daycare name: Sunshine and Rainbows
    My name: Madison Grace
    Assistant: Luke Nicholas

    1. Colin Carter, age 2. He is a sweet little boy who loves everyone, but does have a rough side if he is angry.
    2. Laura Grace and Ryan Adam, age 5. Laura likes American Girl dolls. She has 4! Ryan collects Hot Wheels cars. He currently has 60 in his collection.
    3. Brynn Alyssa, age 6. She loves all things princess! She is Ashley's younger sister and Zander's older sister.
    4. James Asher, age 6. He is a total ladies' man.
    5. Ashley Kaitlyn, age 13. She is Zander and Brynn's older sister. The daycare is very close to her school, so she walks there after school to be with Brynn and Zander, and waits for their mom.
    6. Shelby Alexa, age 13. is Ashley's best friend, and James and Billy's older sister. She walks to the daycare with Ashley to be with James and Billy, and waits for their mom.
    7. William Connor *Billy*, age 10 months. He is James and Shelby's younger brother.
    8. Wesley Silas, age 4. He is a very happy child. He loves toy trucks! His favorite is a firetruck.
    9. Zander John, age 3. He is Ashley and Brynn's younger brother. He likes playing with his sisters.
    10. Paisley Martha and Pippa Marie, age 6. The like the exact same things, but have to share everything, which can cause some fighing.
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