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    Re: Middle Name for Langston

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    Re: Middle Name for Langston

    langston cole

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    Re: Middle Name for Langston

    I actually just posted about him on another board, but Langston Donovan comes to mind. Granted he's a relatively famous US World Cup soccer player, but he has a great name (Donovan is his last name, but would work as a middle name, too). If you don't want the association, then I would suggest:

    Langston Dominic
    Langston Cole
    Langston Bryce
    Langston Layne/Lane (not always a fan of alliteration in names, but I think this goes well)

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    Re: Middle Name for Langston

    the soccer player is "Landon" Donovan, so I think Langston will instead conjure up Langston Hughes for most people - a nice literary association, and one that won't likely prove to be trendy

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