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    that's interesting, i'm the complete opposite of you guys!
    my guilty pleasure names fall into 2 categories
    1. timelessly appealing and lovely but way too trendy to use: isabel, zoe, hannah, sophia, emily etc.
    2. retro names from the 70's, 80's that aren't quite cool enough to use (yet): donna, lindsay, lauren, dana etc.

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    Meadowsweet - I really love. It'd obviously have to be a middle name, but I just love the imagery it provokes.
    Gossamer - I've come to really like the sound and idea of this, but it doesn't feel like a name.
    Autumn - I used to be in love with this name, but it seems all girls with this name are somber--and that's not what Autumn is to me.
    Evening - Not on my GP list, but I've always loved the sound of this for a name.
    Titania - So pretty, but can't use because of it'd be a "T" overload with my surname.
    Clemency/Clemence(French pronunciation) - The only virtue name I like besides Constance. I just have nowhere in my combos to put it--I'm more likely to use Clement for my son.
    Penelope - I like it, but not enough to use it.
    Blodeuwedd - I love how this sounds and the meaning is so gorgeous. If I had the heritage I'd totally use this somewhere as a middle.
    Lilith - I love the sound of this name, but the meaning is just terrible. She's always given to the most horrific demons and vampires! Shame, really.
    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    Sailor. I think it would be adorable on a little girl, and I'm even more drawn to Saylor and Sayler. Alas, they wouldn't make any sense because I have no connection to sailing, and embracing a trendy spelling would make me a hypocrite. But I just love love love it!

    I also like Serendipity. I just think it sounds cute. Plus a girl with this name could go by seren which is cute. But it is too out there.

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    The following are my girls' guilty pleasure names that I would actually use if my OH, and almost everyone in my family, didn't think are totally out there. I love them all!!!

    Madrigal, Sable, Vesper, Fiammetta, Calypso, Esmeralda, Saffron, Fortune, Bliss, Ophelia, Casilda, Zenobia, Persis, Amethyst, Emblyn, Gwyneira, Elowen, Eirys, Cambria, Venetia, Idony, Loire, Thisbe, Cybele and Magenta ( my favorite character and name from Rocky Horror Picture Show) .

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    Today, it's Eglantine and Etheldred.

    ooh and Mindy. That name is just plain awful but also deliciously crème de menthe.

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