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    Middle name for Reid

    Hi Berries,

    I am expecting my second baby in January. We won't be finding out whether it is a boy or girl, but if it is a boy, we will name him Reid.
    Our problem is that we have absolutely no idea what his middle name should be.
    Our older son's name is Logan Michael and our last name is Feeney.
    Do you guys have any middle name suggestions for Reid?


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    Re: Middle name for Reid

    *Under Construction*

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    Re: Middle name for Reid

    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Re: Middle name for Reid

    Logan Reid was a name a family member LOVED (practically begged) us to use for our soon-to-be son. So..Great choices for your potential brothers!

    Logan Michael and Reid Alexander
    Logan Michael and Reid Matteo
    Logan Michael and Reid Jeremiah
    Logan Michael and Reid Harrison
    Logan Michael and Reid Johannes
    Logan Michael and Reid Samson
    Logan Michael and Reid Callahan
    Logan Michael and Reid Monroe
    Logan Michael and Reid Josiah
    Logan Michael and Reid Sebastian
    Logan Michael and Reid Garrison
    Logan Michael and Reid Nathaniel
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    Re: Middle name for Reid

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I also think that a 3+ syllable name makes the most sense with Reid, but I am having a hard time finding one that I love. Reid Alexander is an option that DH and I discussed. We both agree that it seems to have the best flow, but neither one of us particularly likes the name Alexander.

    I really liked some of the other suggestions (there were a lot that I had not thought of). I will make a list to go over with DH and see if any of them stick.

    Do you guys think, though, that a 2-syllable name would be very awful? I keep trying to convince myself that it could work because that would lead to a lot of other naming possibilities. What do you think?

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