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Thread: Name a couple!

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    Name a couple!

    As someone who has dabbled in writing, I love finding the perfect name for characters. The way this game works is someone gives a description of a couple and the next person gives them names that complement each other and fit the character.

    EX: High school couple, modern day, British, girl has green eyes and blonde hair, boy has dark hair and blue eyes, madly in love, kinda quirky, don't have super-popular names.

    Next person: Hm....Poppy and Zane. (then they would give a scenario)

    So...first scenario:

    Hippie couple in the year 1968, had conventional names but had a moon ceremony and renamed themselves, very peaceful and whimsical, girl has long brown hair and brown eyes, guy has shaggy dark hair and brown eyes and a beard.
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    Re: Name a couple!

    Linda aka Peaceflower and Gregory aka Wolfchild

    A young couple just out of school. She is English, and follows a slightly dark, alternative fashion style. He is of Polish heritage, and is bookish and reserved.
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    Re: Name a couple!

    Rozalyn and Mariusz

    High school sweethearts. The girl formar cheer captain/homecoming queen/"most popular". The boy formar captain of everthing and class president.

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    Re: Name a couple!

    Kristi and Dominick.

    She's a blue-blood from Connecticut trying to break away from her parents, he's a newly-signed Peace Corps volunteer; they met backpacking in Nepal.

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    Re: Name a couple!

    Milena & Frankel

    She's a gorgeous mixture of Mexican, French, and Japanese with flowy brown hair and light brown eyes. She's ha a bohemian style. He's Irish with bright red hair and green eyes. He's more gothic/skater style.
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