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Thread: Baby #3

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    Baby #3

    We have two daughters, Carys and Harper. I'm expecting baby #3 in March, so we are once again compiling our name list. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

    For a girl, we both like Annabelle, but we are stuck on a middle name. Carys has my grandmother's middle name Delphine and Harper has my MIL's name Alice. My middle is Leanne and I have two sisters with L names, but is that too tricky with Annabelle ending in the L sound? I also love the first name Esther and husband likes Norah, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on names that sound good with our daughters' names.

    For a boy, I love William (nn. Liam) and Cormac (nn. Mac). I know Liam is very popular, so my husband doesn't like that and he just doesn't like the sound of Cormac. His favorite name is Declan and this was my choice if our oldest daughter was a boy, but now I'm not sure. Our last name ends in -en, so I generally don't like the way names ending in N sound with it. The middle name will be Scott (after my husband). Another thought was Thomas (after my FIL), but I really don't like the name Tom. Other nickname ideas? Or just Thomas?

    Thanks for your help!!

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    Norah Leanne would be pretty. For boys, you might like Malcolm nn Mac.

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