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    Think I'm getting closer.

    I've posted a few times and I appreciate the help everyone has given me. I have two names that my husband and I agree on. We both like Sloane, and Sky. We like Sky because she will be born during the summer. I also like the name Sanaa but he does not. He loves the name Desiree` because of the meaning desire. We have wanted a girl so bad. We have 4 boys together. Jalen Timothy, Devin Joseph, Cameron Isaiah, London Elijah. What do you think of the names Sloane Desiree`, Sky Desiree`and Sanaa Desiree`. Do you know any other names that have the same or similar meaning as Desiree`. Thanks again.

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    Re: Think I'm getting closer.

    I really like Sky Desiree for you! I prefer Sky spelled Skye, though they're both nice. I think Sky is the best name with your boys because it's clearly feminine and your boys have unisex names, so it separates them. Sloane is also a boys name, (I happen to like it better on a boy personally,) so I would want to avoid gender confusion. Just my thoughts! Good luck!
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    Re: Think I'm getting closer.

    Sorry I'm not a fan of Desiree! I suppose it does have a pretty sound but it will always sound like a stripper name to me!

    Delilah means desirable
    Miriam means wished for child
    Manon (in Welsh means longed for child)
    Evelyn means desired
    Desi - shortened form of Desiree, much cuter!

    Of your first name choices, I really really really love Sanaa!! It's gorgeous and to me, it stands out way above Sky and Sloane. I'm a bit of a hippie at heart but I still can't get on board with names like Sky which to me have no substance and won't age well or move into the working world well. Can you imagine a Dr Sky or a Grandma Sky? Lol. Maybe it's just me!

    Sloane is too boyish to me and there's something about the sound I really hate. It makes me think of words like slug, lone, etc.

    I think Sanaa Miriam, Sanaa Evelyn or Sanaa Delilah would be beautiful :)

    Best of luck!
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    Re: Think I'm getting closer.

    I like Sky Desiree. But is there a reason you're putting an apostrophe after Desiree? It means the same thing without it, and frankly I think the apostrophe cheapens the name.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Think I'm getting closer.

    I like Sloane better but with all the big brothers, I think Sky might work better for a girl. I prefer Skye spelling but it's just my opinion. Desiree has always seemed kind of trashy to me (sorry), and too sensual. Names with similar meaning:
    Skye Aimee (loved)
    Skye Amanda (lovable)
    Skye Carita (dear one)
    Skye Kerensa (love)
    Sloane Asha (wish, desire, hope)

    Good luck!

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