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    Zeke Zombie is my baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucyjane View Post
    My car is Persephone (Persy)-- since I love it, and hubby won't let me use it!
    And my GPS is Beatrix (Bea)-- See reason above!
    I don't currently have a car of my own, but when I get one, it'll be named Lola, for the same reason as you

    Hubby's car is named Romo, originally just because we're lifelong Cowboys fans and the car happens to be painted Cowboys silver, but now the state of the car seems to fit with how Tony played last season lol

    And my beloved first car, when I was sixteen, was a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix painted (UNC) Carolina Blue (not my choice... I'm a VA Tech and Duke fan lol)... so I named it Sweet Caroline.
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