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    Does your car have a name!?

    I figured since most of us on this site are name obsessed, many of us will have named our cars and other objects. Thought it might be fun to hear some names!

    My car is Persephone (Persy)-- since I love it, and hubby won't let me use it!
    And my GPS is Beatrix (Bea)-- See reason above!

    Have any to share? I'd love to hear them!

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    My car is Sirius, after the Harry Potter character. He's black (Sirius Black), used and beaten up. His leather seats are all torn up and he's got quite a few scratches. Constantly on the brink of dying so it's such a fitting name.

    My camera has a name. I just named it last night, actually. It wouldn't do what I want it to and I yelled at it. Turns out, it's name is Geoffrey but I call him GiGi (my dog is also GiGi, so this might need to change?).
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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    This is too funny. I drive a Volvo station wagon that I affectionately refer to as "Miss Vivian." I call my husband's truck Brutus. : )

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I love Brutus! Perfect for a guys truck!

    And my camera needs a name, why hadn't I thought of that? Its most definitely a guy, never listens to anything I tell him. (Just like hubby ;-).. )

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I don't have a car, but my camera's name is Adam. I don't know how it happened, it just did.
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