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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    She is a Minivan:)


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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    i don't know why i never named MY car, but my husband had a honda accord that we named cordelia. actually, we named the GPS lady cordelia =)

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I have a Mitsubishi Eclipse and her name is Missy.

    My GPS is named Lisa because the voice recorded sounds so much like a Lisa!

    I sleep with two pillows and the big fat one is Pattie and my skinny one is Flatty. They were named because my husband liked to steal my fat pillow in the middle of the night and one time I just woke up and yelled "GIVE ME PATTIE!" and it stuck :)
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    I have a dark teal Toyota Tercel named Zippy. If you've ever sat in the passenger seat of a Tercel, you'll understand. 35mph feels like 60.

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    I no longer have a car, i've made the switch to using a bike as transportation.

    My bike's name is Shelby. I was riding it a little while back, and it just popped into my head! She's been Shelby ever since.
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