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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    Quote Originally Posted by danni
    I name everything.

    My car is named Leopold, nn Leo. I was originally going to call him Leon because I drive a champagne-colored Buick Century, and since that is generally an old man car, I thought Leon would fit nicely. However, my grandfather knew someone named Leon and hated him, but I had to find another name that gave me the nn Leo since I was already attached to it. I decided that my car was not an old man, but rather an elegant, established gentleman. So, I renamed him LEOPOLD.

    My first computer was named Freddie after Freddie Mercury of Queen (I was going through a Queen phase my first year of college). Perhaps ironically, Freddie the laptop died of a virus.... I loved the name Freddie so much I named my new laptop Freddie, Jr., who goes by Freddie, Freddie Jay, or FJ.

    Finally, despite the fact that I am almost 21 years old, I have a growing collection of stuffed animals I sleep with at night. It started with a bear my Mom gave me when I went off to college to help the homesickness. My bear was strong yet kind, wise, and brave. I named him BROM after the mentor/father figure in the Eragon series.

    I also have Jacob nn Jakey and Jolie the penguins, Spot the puppy, Howidays (TY baby, didn't name him myself, but its still cute because he is a Christmas dog!), and Milo the baby moose.

    Leo, Freddie, Brom, Jakey, Jolie, Spot, Howidays, and Milo!
    I giggled at this.

    Car is Sirius and camera Geoffrey, as mentioned before.
    My computer's name is Radical. I just love them Ninja Turtles. I actually found a sticker that said Radical and stuck it to the monitor. Now everyone knows his name!

    I'd name everything if I could. My iPod is dead.dead.dead so I refuse to give it a name until it gets its act together.

    Pets are: Gia (turned into Gianna Louise, G or Gigi), Cammie (turned into Camea or Cameron but I hate all three), Ollivander Dobby James (Ollie, or O. Harry Potter love) and Stella Jane (She's a he but shhhh. No one tell her or my husband.)
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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    I love them all! Keep them coming, now I know I'm not the only crazy one!

    P.s my camera is definitely an Atticus!

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    My car is a Sage green Subaru Outback wagon.. named Rosemary :)
    Mama to 4 handsome, awesome boys!
    Sebastian, Oliver, Elliott and August

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    My car is an 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I named Jaslene...Jazzy for short. I had a Saturn before that that I drove for 9 years, and her name was Suz-aaayyyyy....My best friend said "Suzy" like this, and it just stuck...

    We call my husband's Lexus "Lazer" and his Mustang "Blazer" after the movie "Dodgeball" which we both love. :)

    He also had a Ford Tempo we called "Dolly", a Mitsubishi 3000 GT we called "Sport", a VW Jetta we called "J-Dog", and a VW GTI we called "Baby" (because he loved this car SO much!)

    We also call my daddy's truck Frank the Tank because that thing is a beast!

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    Re: Does your car have a name!?

    While I was still living at home I named my mum's silver astra Sampson Romeo (he just looked like one!) and now I have my own car I called her...Delilah! Sampson and Delilah; wasn't planned but they each suited their names.

    My laptop is (Captain) Jack, and I named my boyfriend's computer Ralph Patrick. His family have no idea why I love naming things and I've been banned from naming any inanimate object in their house, eg car, computers etc

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