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    Your Second Kid...

    So, in this game you already have one kid. You have to make a post about that kids name and why you chose it etc, etc. Then the next person has to help you fnd THE name, (you don't have to agree, they just have to suggest it and give there logic). Once they fnd your name, they post their own problem.

    So I'll start...

    Hi, I'm Lily Stewart, mother of one. My sweet little daughter is named Calla Inez Stewart. When I was pregnant with her, my hsband and I could only agree on a few names. I wanted Stella and he wanted Cassidy. Finally we found the name Calla, and it seemed like a good compromise that we could both agree on. Her middle name, Inez, is after my sister in law Ines. We love Calla Inez, and her name!

    Anyways, I am now expecting a little boy, and we want his name to work with Calla's! Can you help us?

    Bounce :)(:

    PS Everything should be fictional, so please don't use your actual life as an example!

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    Re: Your Second Kid...

    What about Kacen?
    Kacen would go really well with Calla. I find it sounds very nice together, And i also like that name.
    Or what about Callum?
    Callum also sounds really nice with calla, even know they sound very close in pronuncitation :)

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    Re: Your Second Kid...

    I think you should name him Sage as Calla is a type of lily, and Sage is also a plant, and maybe a middle name that starts with I as well Sage Irwin?

    Hi, I'm Anna Bell, mother of one. My sweet litrle prince is named Isaac Jordan Bell. my husband and I want a strong bibilical name for his first name so we decided to Isaac which isn't all that popular, his middle name is also his father's middle name and we wanted to carry on the tradition We love Isaac Jordan, and his name! we are now having a girl.

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    I'd suggest Lily to go with Isaac as Lily and Isaac are a adorable siblingset. For the middle name I'd say go with your middlename or your grandma's name. Maybe Lily Elizabeth Bell or Lily Susan Bell?

    Hi! I'm Elora Jane Smith, mother of my sweet little son Benjamin Jedidiah who's just turned 2! We decided on Benjamin because we loved all of the nickname options, having a little Benja running around sure is great and his middlename is due to the fact that my mother is a deacon and my dad is a starwars fan and therefor the name Jedidiah just fit right in there, especially with his other nickname of Jedi! Now we're expecting another son. We want his firstname to work with Benjamin and his middle to honor my husband Lachlans dad Josiah who passed away last winter

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