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    Multiples you know

    What are some names of multiples you know? Share the good and the bad.

    Some of mine (all ages):

    Good twins-
    Sean and Matthew
    Brennan and Joshua
    Jakob and Kaleb
    Matthew and Rebecca
    Ray and Judy
    Jesse and Sophie

    Bad twins-
    Takia and Talia
    Lauren and Lindsey
    Katherine and Kaitlin
    Delwyn and Selwyn
    Caden and Jaden

    Good triplets-
    Hannah, Alec, and Sam
    Katherine, Paige, and Connor
    Amanda, Danielle, and Carlton
    Matthew, Sean, and Jason

    Bad triplets-
    Alexander, Andrew, and Anthony
    Johnny, Jacey, and Journey

    All in my opinion. What are yours?

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    Re: Multiples you know

    -Jake and John
    William and Kate
    -Sarah and Alishia
    -Sarah and Esther

    -Trent, Torey, and Reid

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    Re: Multiples you know

    Wow, you know a lot!

    Hailey and Jenna (girls) w/ sister Riley
    Andrew and Matthew
    Chase and Paige (girls)
    Dora and Mary, brother Jared and sister Rachael
    Jennifer and Jaime (girls)
    Sean and Bronwyn
    Donovan and Paige

    Triplets: Nathaniel, Benjamin and Jacob. They also have an older brother Joshua. Josh, Nate, Ben and Jake.
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    Re: Multiples you know

    How do you know so many triplets?

    Mary Elizabeth (Mimi) and Robert (Rob)
    David and Joseph

    Fertility treatments weren't very common when I was born and my friends haven't started having children yet, so I don't know many multiples.

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    Re: Multiples you know

    I know Ana and Emma-okay set but a little cutesy. They have a little sister Adela. :)
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