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    I have a very unusual name. I've never met another person who shares it: Yavanna.

    My parents didn't make it up, it came from Tolkien's Silmarillion. I'm named after the Elvish goddess of the harvest.

    Anyhoo, my mom wanted to name me Valerie or Heather. My Father refused, said they were too common, and insisted on Yavanna. He won, because also mentioned it could shorten to Anna or Anne, which is my maternal grandmother's name.

    I was born in 1980 in Marin, California. I am so lucky my name isn't more out there, like Galadriel or Frodo. It could have been a lot worse.

    But it was bad enough growing up in Sacramento, a more conservative area, where most girls were named either Jennifer, Heather, Michelle, or Stephanie. I stood out maybe a bit too much.

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    My dad like my name and shot down my mom's ideas, she liked Alice.
    Although my brother's first and last name is meant to sound like a famous singer's name.

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    My mom wanted to name me after my great grandparents Daniel Eugene and Betty Jean, hence my name Danielle Elizabeth. If I were a boy, my mom would've named me Daniel. My middle name, I assume, would have been John or simply Eugene, but I didn't get a clear answer from her.

    My sister felt a little left out since she wasn't named after anybody in our family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by judyariel View Post
    My mother's favorite book had a main character named Judith, who was nicknamed Judy, and my mother loved the character, the name and the nickname. And my father loved the name Judith because Judith was a strong Jewish woman. My middle name is Ann after Anna, my mother's mother.
    At the time, they thought "Judith Ann" was incredibly unique, but little did they know that 99 percent of Judiths would have the middle name Ann!
    Lol I had to laugh at this as the only Judith I know is a Judith Ann

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    Stacey was all they agreed on, though mom almost got dad to agree on Rachel Lynn or Jamie Lynn but dad wanted my middle name to be after his mom Marie and they decided Stacey sounded best with Marie.

    The Jane in my posting name isn't part of my real name. For some reason my grandpa adds Jane to the first name of all his daughters, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters whose names (or nicknames) end in an -e sound (Stacey-Jane, Ali-Jane, Addy-Jane) he doesn't do that with those whose names don't. Weird tidbit about my weird grandfather.

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