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    How'd you get your name?

    Here's mine:

    My mom loves nature names, but my dad doesn't. My mom wanted to name me Daisy, which is her favorite name. But my dad wanted me to be named after a famous person. So they agreed that if I was a boy, I would've been named Benjamin Thomas. But dad still refused to do a nature name, even when they found out that I'm a girl. So my mom said, "Okay, we can name her after Susan B. Anthony."

    My dad totally fell for it. (Yeah. That's boys for you.)

    How about you?

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    Re: How'd you get your name?

    My mom wanted me to be Carie Marie but my dad had dated a girl with the middle name of Marie in highschool and it ended badly lol.
    Carie came from the Little House on the Prairie series of books and Marie was from her mother's middle name.

    My dad wanted me to be Misty Dawne and I have no idea where those came from though.

    So they compromised and named me Carie Dawne. My maiden name was Smith and my dad decided to have 5 letters in each of my names and hence the spelling of Carie with one r and Dawne with an e at the end. I actually like Dawne spelled like that. It is quite different and unique!

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    Re: How'd you get your name?

    If I was boy, my name would have been Reagan Daniel. Reagan was after my parents' favorite President, and Daniel was after their favorite character in the Bible. But I was a girl, so they chose Sloane Lois. My mom taught kindergarten, and had a little girl in her class named Sloane, and just LOVED the name, and asked Sloane's mom if she could use it. Everyone I meet compliments me on my name, so I really like it. My mom got Lois after her grandmother, who she truly admired. Other names my mom liked were Lucy, Betty, Emily, Madelyn, and Holly, because I was born around Christmas. I'm so glad they picked Sloane! :)

    My brother was born five years later, and they named him Reagan William, after my grandfather. He would have been Reagan even if he was a girl, because he was my parents' last child. :)

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    Re: How'd you get your name?

    I was supposed to be Ashley Marie. But then my uncle, who's at the time wife was pregnant at the time (a few months ahead of my mom), gave birth to Ashley (i dont know her middle name), So my mom and dad changed my name to Jessica. I never have found out if my uncle actually stole the name or if they happened to both not talk about their name choices, and happened to like the same one, but Marie is after my Aunt. And if i was a boy i was going to be Michael Jr. Fun right?

    Oh, but my mom did tell me once when i was a teenager that she originially wanted to name me Jenna, and my dad wanted Ashley. But everyone told her she couldnt name me Jenna because her name was Jennifer, and even though she hated/s it, they all called her Jenny.

    So i guess Jessica was the multual ground between Jenna and Ashley, after the no's and stolen names.

    I'm glad im Jessica though, cause i have only ever met 2 other Jessica's/ However they were both Jessica Maries! Ironic huh?

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    Re: How'd you get your name?

    Oh boy...

    My mom had several names she seriously considered for me. She liked Courtney because she thought Courtney Corbett (my maiden name) would have been cute. I'm so glad she didn't go there. She also liked Shannon after my dad's sister. But they had already decided to give me my mother's maiden name (Pynnonen - pronounced pin-uh-nin) as a middle name. So they felt Shannon Pynnonen was too many "nuh-nin-nuh-nins." She also liked Amanda but my grandfather vetoed that one (said it was "a black lady's name"... huh, grandpa? seriously?).

    So by the time I was born she was down to between Sara and Allison. She couldn't decide and my parents liked both names equally as much so they actually let the nurses vote in the delivery room! And they voted for Sara. I've always wished they'd picked Allison instead, as Sara(h) was the 2nd most popular girls name in our state the year I was born and thus I've been one of many everywhere I've gone. I've always hated having such a popular name. I like the name itself, but the popularity of it is very tiresome.

    If I'd been a boy my middle name would have been Simo after my grandfather. My husband and I actually now plan on using Simo for our own son someday. But my mom had no first name for a boy picked out. She really, really, really wanted a girl and I guess she was lucky she got one!

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