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    Re: Big Baby name game :) Big family!

    You met your husband at a very unusual way!
    How was that again? I walked into a mens restroom by mistake and he was in there.
    What is his name? Tanner Maxwell
    What is your name? Rachel Elizabeth
    Where did you live at that moment? NYC

    You two fall in love with each other. He introduces you to his family.
    What were their names?
    His mother: Katherine Elaine
    His father: Daniel Joseph
    His #1 sister: Hannah Michelle
    His #2 sister: Ruby Caroline
    His brother: Duncan Pierce

    2 weeks later you introduce him to your family. What were they called?
    Your mother: Ella Kate
    Your father: Thomas Paul
    Your sister: Celeste Josephine
    Your #1 brother: Levi Patrick
    Your #2 brother: Brody Matthew
    Your #3 brother: Zane Oliver

    After 6 months dating, you decide to live together and you buy a house in: NYC
    You take a dog. What is the dog's name? Charlie

    After another 6 months he proposes you and you said YES.
    How did he propose you? Proposes in the resaurant where we met.
    Where did you go on your honeymoon? Australia

    3 weeks after your honeymoon you find out your pregnant.
    You get a baby girl. What's her name? Hollie Belle

    When your daughter is only 1 you get pregnant again! This time it's a boy! What is his name? Elijah Hunter

    When your daughter is 3 and your son is 2 you get pregnant for the third time. You get a twin. Two girls! Their names are: Elsa Harlow & Amira Hazel

    2 months after the birth of your twin-girls your husband comes home. Totally happy. You won the lottery!!!
    You decide to move. You buy a nice big house and go on a vacation outside the country.
    Where is your new home? Cape Cod
    Where do you go on your vacation? Italy

    At your vacation you've read an article about adoption. You and your hubbie decide to adopt a baby boy from the country you've been. You want to name him after your father and something that has to do with the country he comes from.
    His name: Roman Thomas

    A year later your sister get money problems and you let her stay at your house. She has a boyfriend and 2 months later she finds out she's unwanted pregnant. They decide top keep the baby.
    It's a boy. His name is: Carson Blake
    Her boyfriend's name is: Blake Christian

    1 month later YOU find out your pregnant again and you get another twin. A boy and a girl. You name the boy after one of his uncle's and you name the girl after your mother-in-law. The boy has a unique middle name and the girl's middle name is a colour.
    The boys name is: Brady Cove
    The girls name is: Kaitlin Rose

    Then your neighbours die by a car accident. They have a son and a daughter and you and your husband adopt them.
    Their daughter's name is a flower and their son is called after a famous singer.
    The boys name is: Jackson Harry (2)
    The girls name is: Lilliana Reese (5)

    You and your husband need a break and you go on a vacation to Hollywood. You find out your pregnant again. Another girl. You name her after a celebrity: Cameron Audrey

    It's your oldest daughter's birthday! She gives a party. She invites boys and girls.
    Their names are:
    Friend 1: Taryn Faith
    Friend 2: Gracie Abigail
    Friend 3: Lola Carmen
    Friend 4: Carys Judy
    Friend 5: Dakota Selene
    Friend 6: Isis Jane
    Friend 7: Alexandria Shay
    Friend 8: Penelope Faye

    You and your husband get older and your children grow up.
    You get 29 grandchildren!!!
    What are their names? (Odds-Girls, Evens- Boys)
    Grandchild 1: Pax
    Grandchild 2: Seth
    Grandchild 3: Sloane
    Grandchild 4: Harrison
    Grandchild 5: Karissa
    Grandchild 6: Ford
    Grandchild 7: Laila
    Grandchild 8: Decan
    Grandchild 9: Morganna
    Grandchild 10: Micah
    Grandchild 11: Sage-Lynn
    Grandchild 12: Tate
    Grandchild 13: Molly-Kate
    Grandchild 14: Gage
    Grandchild 15: Abbey
    Grandchild 16: Briar
    Grandchild 17: Nala
    Grandchild 18: Roscoe
    Grandchild 19: Tessa
    Grandchild 20: Rainier
    Grandchild 21: Suri
    Grandchild 22: Olivier
    Grandchild 23: Zoie
    Grandchild 24: Chance
    Grandchild 25: Carma
    Grandchild 26: Chase
    Grandchild 27: Quinton
    Grandchild 28: Willa
    Grandchild 29: Vance

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