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    Miss Dottie is here!

    I wanted to announce the birth of my daughter Dorothea Lenore...she joins her brother August Jonathan (Gus) and sister Georgia Danielle! Thank you for sharing naming advice with me throughout my pregnancy. The name was obviously first brought to my attention here and fits her perfectly!

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    Re: Miss Dottie is here!

    Many C~O~N~G~R~A~T~S on the lovely baby and the lovely name! Your children have great names ?
    Hannah ?

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    Re: Miss Dottie is here!

    Dottie?! How adorable is that! Congratulations on your little girl! Your children have marvelous names. :)

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    Re: Miss Dottie is here!

    Congrats from me too!!
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Miss Dottie is here!

    Congratulations from one Dot's mom to another! :-)

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