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    Re: Russian/Ukrainian baby girl names

    Quote Originally Posted by candybee
    looking for a Russian/Ukrainian baby girl name. Our boy pick is something that would compliment that.

    So far I have Calina, Irina, Anya (dh doesn't love anya...which is sad b/c that is my first pick)

    I love the name Yeva (which I think is slovakian rather than russian but was my baba's name).

    I'm wondering how people would pronounce it. We always pronounced it yEE-va so that the y was almost silent...much like Eva. I'm wondering if we would get YEV-a though.

    How would you pronounce Yeva??
    When I was in Russia Anastasia was very popular and I think it is a really beautiful name. Sacha also is popular for boys and girls and can be the diminutive for Alexander another superb name.

    Julia is beautiful but they do not pronounce it like the English do.

    Otherwise Irina, Tatiana nn Tanya, Sergei or Nicholas.

    I would go with Maxim and Anastasia or Alexandra
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    Re: Russian/Ukrainian baby girl names

    Lilia for sure!!! The 1996 All-Around Gymnastics Champion at the Atlanta Olympic Games was a beautiful Ukrainian named Lilia :-)

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    Re: Russian/Ukrainian baby girl names

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    Re: Russian/Ukrainian baby girl names

    One of my favorite Russian names is Daria. It also has traditional nicknames of Dasha and Darchu (I believe that one's Hungarian, however).

    I just think it's exotic enough to stand out, but not so weird that she'll be made fun of.

    God bless.

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    Re: Russian/Ukrainian baby girl names

    Maksim is lovely. I love all of your girls choices too. How about Sonia?

    I would prn Yeva with the Y sound. Why not just use Eva? That would work for honoring her and it is a very multicultural widespread name.
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