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    You just got married. You both have fine blonde, natural hair and want a really big family. You want to start the family now.

    You get pregnant really quickly, with identical twin girls. Baby A is an active, outgoing girl and Baby B is shy, quiet but always helps out when you need it.
    Baby A: Heidi Avalon
    Baby B: Ariadne Giselle

    When the twins are only 1 you fall pregnant again, this time only with one. A little boy who is shy, but adventurous.
    Baby A: Dominic Blue

    When the twins are 3 and your little boy is 2 you miss having a tiny baby to hold so you try for another. Luckily you get pregnant first go and you are having identical triplets!!! All girls. Baby A is a happy girl who loves playing with her siblings. Baby B is a real big tomboy who plays with all her brother's toys. Baby C is mummy's little girl who loves to help with the little ones.
    Baby A: Freya Delphine
    Baby B: Sailor Aphrodite
    Baby C: Marie Celeste

    When the twins are 5, little boy is 4 and the triplets are 2 you get baby fever again. When you can't fall pregnant you turn to IVF. You get pregnant after 3 tries, with septuplets!!! Baby A is a layed back boy who never fights with his siblings. Baby B is a sweet little girl who always clings to mummy. Baby C is a boy who is the little scientist. Baby D is the shy little boy who is very smart and loves to read. Baby E is a very loud active boy who always starts fights with his siblings. Baby F is another shy, quiet little child, but a girl, who loves to read. Lastly is baby G. She is the one who always wants to know what is happening.
    Baby A: Zachary Natal
    Baby B: Georgianna Felice
    Baby C: Levi Cassidy
    Baby D: Quentin Alexander
    Baby E: Kellan Valentine
    Baby F: Chiara Sabine
    Baby G: Serena Harlow

    When the twins are 7, your little boy is 6, Triplets are 4 and the Septuplets are 2 you accidently fall pregnant, with identical twin boys!!! Baby A is the observant one who always watches everything and know whats happening. Baby B is the cute and adorable boy who is very kind.
    Baby A: Mason Elliott
    Baby B: Avery Jude

    It has been a while now and your twin girls are 12, you little boy is 11, triplets are 9, septuplets are 7 and the twin boys are 5. You are now 31 years old and still want more children, and so does your husband and children. Because you had trouble last time you don't want to waste your time trying and trying so you decide to adopt, from England. The children that they paired you with were triplets. You were excited to find out that they all have blonde hair, so you are not worried that they won't fit in growing up. They are all 6 years old, a year older than your twin boys.
    Baby A is a very happy boy who loves to joke around. Baby B is a layed back boy. And Baby C is a little girl who loves to dress up and have pictures taken of her.
    Baby A: Xavier Julian
    Baby B: Gaspar Ariel
    Baby C: Harper Rose

    You are done with chidren until you find out you are pregnant with a little girl. She was unexpected but welcome. She is the little cutie and the youngest so she has the world at her feet. Everybody is fighting over who will play with her or sit with her or even do her hair as it is so beautiful.
    Baby A: Antoinette Sophie

    Your children are now:

    Twin girls: Heidi Avalon *Heidi* & Ariadne Giselle *Aria* (16)

    Boy: Dominic Blue *Dominic* (15)

    Triplets: Freya Delphine *Freya*, Sailor Aphrodite *Sailor* & Marie Celeste (13)

    Septuplets: Zachary Natal *Zach*, Georgianna Felice *Gianna*, Levi Cassidy *Lev*, Quentin Alexander *Xander*, Kellan Valentine *Kellan*, Chiara Sabine *Chiara* & Serena Harlow *Serena* (11)

    Twin boys: Mason Elliott *Mase* & Avery Jude *Avery*(9)

    Adopted triplets: Xavier Julian *Xavier*, Gaspar Ariel *Gaspar* & Harper Rose *Harper* (10)

    Girl: Antoinette Sophie *Tonya* (3)

    Your house has 10 bedrooms, how will they all share???
    1. Heidi and Aria
    2. Dominic
    3. Freya, Sailor and Marie Celeste
    4. Zach and Lev
    5. Xander and Kellan
    6. Gianna, Chiara and Serena
    7. Mase and Avery
    8. Xavier and Gaspar
    9. Harper

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