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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Bentley Bronx
    Lexus Tallulah

    First names must begin & end with the same letter; middle names must have the same meanings

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Amelia Carys
    Cedric Eros

    first name must be a name of a river middle name must be the name of a mountain
    ♥Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn♥

    Lyra Primrose, Amelia Hyacinth, Imogen Viola/ Magnus Frey, Morgan Escher, Sebastian Lake
    the rest of my combos
    Elizabeth, Adelaide, Clara, Arabella, Beatrice, Imogen, Juniper, Cordelia, Hermione, Isabella
    the rest of the girls
    William, Edgar, Jasper, Gilbert, Henry, Horatio, Magnus, Sebastian, Basil, Bennett
    the rest of the boys

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Tigris Olympia
    Euphrates Pilatus

    One syllable first name, long Latin middle name.

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    One syllable first name, long Latin middle name.

    Skye Luciana & Chance Octavius

    Place (city, state, country, continent) first names and middle names that end in "ly/ley/lee/lie."

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    B: Texas Daily
    G: Carolina Hailee

    First Name: Name of a 1800s author
    Middle Name: A name you would never use for your own child/ern.

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