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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Boy: Sebastian Lucas
    Girl: Belle Lydia

    First names: must have an O and an E in them
    Middle names: first name of a teacher you have/had

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Olive Mary
    Leo Simon

    first names: must have somehting to do with your favourite subject at school
    middle names: must be japanese

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    B: Austin Michaelangelo
    G: Paris Alexandria

    First Name: A name of your least favorite celebrity
    Middle Name: Can only have 3 letters

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Lady Ava (Lady Gaga)
    Beckett Lee (Glenn Beck)

    First names must be from today's blog (car names). Middle names should be an athlete's name.

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    Re: boy/girl theme names

    Elisabeth Serena
    Brandon David

    first name must mean brave/powerful/strong/etc, middle name must be a biblical name

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