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    Re: Medium sized family CAF!

    I am twenty when i meet my future husband at college. He is adorable and a tad bit geeky but thats one of the things i love about him! He is going to college to be a Classic lit teacher.My name is Paula Michelle Baron,i am going to college To become a beautician.His name is david lloyd grogan.he has dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.
    We begin dating; on our one year anniversary he buys me a locket. He has it inscribed with my initials.
    After college we are both still dating and move in together. After living together for a year he proposes on Christmas day at my parent's house with all of my family. I, of course, say yes.Next spring we get married.We get married on a beach in egypt.I have a big pink fairytale dress.My wedding ring is gold with pink sapphires.
    We both move into a beautiful house.The house is in blackpool,it has 4 bedrooms,2 bathrooms & a big front & rear garden.It is a proper little family home.
    Five months later i find out i'm pregnant! My husband is estatic and so am i!
    I give birth to a healthy baby boy who looks just like me.His name is Ethan Zackery.
    Later that year my mother passes. Two months after her death I find out i am pregnant; The family decides that she would have wanted everyone to be happy so they focus on the upcoming baby.
    I give birth to a baby girl.Her name is Elysia Dawn.
    When both of our kids are two years old we decide to start trying for more kids. Three months later I find out i am pregnant with boy/girl twins!We name them Storm Lukas & Hermione Louise.
    Now the two eldest are three and the twins are one.
    My younger sister finds out she is pregnant after a one night stand and cannot care for the baby; me and my husband agree to adopt the baby once its born.
    The baby turns out to be a boy, i name him after my sister.His name is Kaydan Lee.
    Fast forward and my eldest are sixteen, the twins are fourteen and my youngest is thirteen. my eldest son comes to me and tells me his girlfriend is pregnant and they want to keep the baby. Of course at first i am a little angry but tell them me and my husband will help.His girlfriends name is Natalie.
    Nine months later his girlfriend gives birth to a baby girl who they name after me,her name is Chelsey Luna.
    A year later my eldest daughter tells me she is gay, i tell her i don't care and that i love her no matter what, my husband says the same thing. When she turns twenty three she and her girlfriend adopt a baby girl from India.Her girlfriends name is Laura Ellen.They call their little girl Tallia Belle.

    Me and my husband see our kids all the time and love playing with the grandchildren.
    Kids names:Ethan Zackery,Elysia Dawn,Storm Lukas,Hermione Louise & Kaydan Lee
    Grandkids names : Chelsey Luna & Tallia Belle.

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