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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    I agree with others that Eden will be much easier for your daughter. It's annoying to always have to spell your name for people or correct them.

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    It's not only that she will have to keep correcting people on the spelling and probably the pronounciation of her name, but also like Auburn pointed out, she will likely be judged by people before they meet her as someone of lower class and/or lesser intelligence. I'm not saying this is right and people obviously shouldn't do it but it's just human nature, and I'm guilty myself of thinking "chav" (it's a British term for someone of low class) when I see a child called Luceey, Rhilee or Ayden etc.

    If I was you I'd do your child a favour and give her the beatifully classic Eden for a name. It will be pronounced the same way and cause her much less problems. And as pointed out by another poster, Edie is a recognised nn ad sometimes stand alone name which is pronounced EE-dee, so it shouldn't be a problem!

    Best of luck :)

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    I don't think Edyn sounds low class, I think it's beautiful. It look almost like it could be name in and of itself. Not at all like some of the butchered names I've heard (the other day I came across an Aalieyah, makes me shudder, and also a Mercaydeez, really!) Edyn is not in that category. I think you should stick with you guts and go with it.

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