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    Need help with middle name QUICK!

    My Hubby and I are adopting a baby girl---We found out last week we have been matched, and mom is due in 1 week. Our first name is definately Edyn (like the garden, but with a y). She will be half hispanic and half African American, we are stumped! I think we need something classic, but cool--and I think at least 2-3 syllables. Maybe something hispanic??? Isabella, Sophia,...they just seem kind of dull to looking for something different...thanks a bunch..jules

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    I don't think Edyn sounds low class, I think it's beautiful. It look almost like it could be name in and of itself. Not at all like some of the butchered names I've heard (the other day I came across an Aalieyah, makes me shudder, and also a Mercaydeez, really!) Edyn is not in that category. I think you should stick with you guts and go with it.

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