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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    I don't know if they were lying, but I still think it is a bit on the odd side - I'll be frank. You can nickname her Edie, and it is still pronounced how you want it to be. In fact, I prefer Edie over Edy because Edy reminds me of Edy's Ice Cream...

    Here are some more ideas regarding her middle name!

    Eden Abigail
    Eden Bianca
    Eden Celestia
    Eden Estella
    Eden Francesca
    Eden Genevieve
    Eden Hosanna
    Eden Ileana
    Eden Juliet
    Eden Katharina
    Eden Lydia
    Eden Marguerite - It means "pearl," you know...
    Eden Ophelia
    Eden Penelope
    Eden Rosamund
    Eden Sariah
    Eden Tallulah
    Eden Victoria

    Good luck, and congrats on your adoption!

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    I have to agree with everyone else Eden is a perfectly lovely name but when it becomes Edyn it reminds me of the terrible man Edi Amin.

    I would spell her nn as Edie as this is also a well known spelling for the nn.

    There are so many lovely middle name suggestions for you here I won't add any more but I love the spelling of Eden so please reconsider and don't use the 'y' in the name.
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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    I agree that Eden looks better, but of course it is up to you. I also think your daughter should have both sides of her heritage expressed. I haven't seen anyone offer any names that are traditionally African American. It seems as if they were ignored in favor of mostly Spanish names. The best option would be to use a name that incorporates her mixed heritage. Maybe she can have two middle names, with one being Spanish and the other being African American. That would be the balanced way to do it.

    Your daughter will likely appear to be either what Hispanic people call "morena" or she will probably look mostly African American. I say this because Hispanic people are essentially mixed racially already and they have African heritage in that mixture. When combined with Black, the offspring end up having a large amount of African DNA, which is why they normally look black. I love many of the Spanish mn suggestions, how about pairing one of them with one of the African American names listed below? I have included their definitions as well. I think many of these would be great with Eden WDYT?

    Ayana- A name of Ethiopian origin, meaning "a pretty flower."
    Azmera- Of Ethiopian origin, meaning "harvest."
    Adanna- One who is the loving daughter of a father.
    Badu- One who is strong, powerful.
    Cleopatra- Ancient Egyptian for "queen."
    Dara- Of Bermudian origin, meaning "beautiful."
    Fayola- Fortune
    Halima- One who possesses kindness.
    Iman- Faith
    Imani- Of Kiswahili origin, meaning "faith."
    Jamila- Graceful, pretty. Somalian origin.
    Jazara/Jahzara- An Ethiopian name meaning "a princess who is blessed."
    Kimani- One who is beautiful and sweet.
    Kya- A diamond in the sky.
    Saada- One who helps.
    Shani- Of Swahili origin, meaning "marvelous."
    Shania- Of Native American origin, meaning on my way.
    Tangela-One who is caring.
    Zari- Means Golden.
    Zahra- Of Swahili origin, meaning "flower."
    Zalika- Of Swahili origin, meaning" well born."
    Zanaib- A flower
    Zanta- Of Swahili origin, meaning "a girl who is beautiful."
    Zena- One who is famous.

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    Sorry have to agree when i saw Edyn i was so confused. Eden is very nice. I like the idea of one hispanic on african name I would like to suggest the ethiopian name Desta.

    Eden Desta Marisol
    Eden Desta Paloma

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    I absolutely love the name Eden. I have to agree that spelling it Eden is intuitive to most people and I think it's really beneficial later in life. Plus, the nickname Edy could easily be Edie (traditionally it is spelled this way). Of the other names you mentioned, Summer, June, Harmony and Bliss (I actually know one in real life and her name fits her perfectly) are all names I love, if you end up moving away from Eden. I think the idea of using a spanish middle name is a great. There are some gorgeous names that you can use that are less common than Sophia and Isabella. Some middle name options:

    Eden Paloma (I love that Paloma means dove, so sweet!)
    Eden Margarita (means Pearl)
    Eden Alessandra
    Eden Carolina
    Eden Catalina
    Eden Inez
    Eden Josefina
    Eden Lucia
    Eden Marisol
    Eden Natalia
    Eden Pilar
    Eden Rosa
    Eden Luna

    Hope that helps!
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