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    Need help with middle name QUICK!

    My Hubby and I are adopting a baby girl---We found out last week we have been matched, and mom is due in 1 week. Our first name is definately Edyn (like the garden, but with a y). She will be half hispanic and half African American, we are stumped! I think we need something classic, but cool--and I think at least 2-3 syllables. Maybe something hispanic??? Isabella, Sophia,...they just seem kind of dull to looking for something different...thanks a bunch..jules

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    Edyn Zahara was the first combination that came to mind. Zahara is Hebrew for "flower."
    Or how about Edyn Juliana? Juliana is Latin for "youthful." I also thought of Edyn Carolina.

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    Allegra? Italian meaning joyus
    Sancia? Italian meaning sacred or Spanish version Sanchia
    Mirabelle? french meaning wonderful, or Mirabella, the Italian version
    Rosalia? a Spanish ceremonial name
    Catalina? Spanish meaning pure
    Valentina? Latin meaning healthy/strong
    Sofia? means wisdom
    Lucia? means light
    Claudia? not a nice meaning but gorgeous name!
    Penelope? same as above!
    Ramona? Spanish means wise protector
    Paloma? Spanish meaning dove
    Nadia? Russian meaning hope
    Leonora? Italian meaning bright shining one
    Belia? Spanish version of Bella
    Eulalia? Greek meaning sweet speaking
    Beatriz? Spanish meaning blessed

    Congrats and best of luck!!

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    Aww, congratulations! Will this be your first baby?

    I like Edyn Rosario.

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    Re: Need help with middle name QUICK!

    Eden is a lovely name (sorry to be annoying, but I think spelling it that way would be preferable, as it makes it look so much more refined and elegant, and that way she won't constantly have to correct the spelling of her name. Sometimes 'alternate' spellings such as Edyn, especially substituting a Y for another vowel, can hint at lower socioeconomic ranking, and change a person, e.g. a potential boss's, opinion of a person before they meet them).

    Some Hispanic names :
    Eden Agata
    Eden Alba (dawn)
    Eden Alejandra
    Eden Alma (nourishing, the soul)
    Eden Amaranta (the amaranth flower, 'unfading')
    Eden Antonia
    Eden Araceli (altar of the sky)
    Eden Aurora (dawn)
    Eden Beatriz
    Eden Bienvenida (welcome)
    Eden Calista (most beautiful)
    Eden Camila
    Eden Carlota
    Eden Cecilia
    Eden Dalia (the dahlia flower)
    Eden Dorotea
    Eden Eloisa
    Eden Esmeralda (emerald)
    Eden Esperanza (hope)
    Eden Felicia (lucky, successful)
    Eden Francesca
    Eden Iris (rainbow)
    Eden Isidora (gift of Isis)
    Eden Leonor (form of Eleanor)
    Eden Lorenza
    Eden Magdalena
    Eden Maribel (a contraction of Maria and Isabel)
    Eden Mariposa (butterfly)
    Eden Ofelia (help)
    Eden Olimpia (Mount Olympos)
    Eden Paloma (dove)
    Eden Rafaela
    Eden Rosalba (white rose)
    Eden Rosalina
    Eden Rosario (rosary)
    Eden Silvia (wood)
    Eden Valentina.

    Good luck! Auburn

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