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    Names you liked when you were a kid?

    Some people (like my sister that still love the name Maia) `ve loved a name since they were kids!
    I remeber I loved the name Soledad (now i hate it), Alicia (I`ve got a pink-hair doll with this name), Barbie or Bárbara (now i think its annoying) and Mingo (like my dad). My sister loved too the name Fanny and Sandy!!
    What about you?? What names do you like when you were a kid?

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    Boy names that I liked as a kid and still like: Landon, Mason & Carson
    Girl names that i liked as a kid and still like: Emily & Emma

    Guys I use to like: Trey, Trevor, Trent, Travis, Dustin, Justin, Kevin, Evan, Devin (Now they're too common) & (I've dated a Travis, Justin, Evan)
    Girl names: Kaitlyn, Ashely, Cali (Too common or I've known/met someone with that name too many time) (Step sister named Kali)

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    Cleopatra. I named my doll Cleopatra and she was called Cleo & Patsy for nicknames. I loved it & decided I would name any daughter I had the same. I remember getting a Cabbage Patch with the name Miriam and being really upset cause it sounded so shrill & uptight to me. Now I find Miriam a lot more usable than Cleopatra. Cleo & Patsy are pretty great though.

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    I used to play make-believe all the time, and I went through phases in terms of names I liked. In first and second grade I was always Emma. In third and fourth grades I was usually Lavender, Lilac, or Lily (I'm noticing a theme here). In fifth grade, I branched out considerably, but some names I remember are Zafira, Tara-Starr, Jasmine, Marina Ice, and Maya.

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