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    Names you liked when you were a kid?

    Some people (like my sister that still love the name Maia) `ve loved a name since they were kids!
    I remeber I loved the name Soledad (now i hate it), Alicia (I`ve got a pink-hair doll with this name), Barbie or Bárbara (now i think its annoying) and Mingo (like my dad). My sister loved too the name Fanny and Sandy!!
    What about you?? What names do you like when you were a kid?

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    Re: Names you liked when you were a kid?

    I was big into Star Trek around the time I started making lists, so characters and actors from that featured big in sixth grade. The only name that really sticks out, though, is Gillian. I used it in seventh grade for my egg baby project (paired with a twin sister, Ryan). Definitely would never use Ryan for a girl now, it's all boy, and I still have no interest in using it, but fourteen years later, Gillian is still on my girl's list. :-D


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    Re: Names you liked when you were a kid?

    The names I liked when I first got interested in names were awful! I recently found a notebook full of my favourite names from when I was 8. I found names like Dolly, Honey, Candy, Marcella, Jewel, Amber and Lola.....


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    Re: Names you liked when you were a kid?

    I had Barbies that I named Niala and Oriana...I still LOVE Oriana, and Orion is one of my fave boys names...not so much in love with Niala though! I also thought any name from the Star Wars universe was just awesome...movies and books. I especially liked Luke, Lando, Leia, Calista, & Mara Jade.

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    Re: Names you liked when you were a kid?

    Well, I kind of still am a kid, but when I was little, I loved the names Maia, Maren, Liana and Fiona. I still love Fiona, actually.
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