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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    Hi there :-)
    I too think that there was no need for judgement
    on how you, I or anyone chooses to spend their free time-).
    Just don't read or post on these threads if they are not your cup of tea,unnecessary.
    Anyway back to your thread :-)

    I too played the game and really enjoyed coming up with the names and really liked alot of them,
    and realised HOW much I do like unusual hippie names.
    Of your names my favourites were:

    Freedom Riser "Free" - Really like this :-)
    Ruby Secret
    Kai Revolution - And this :-)
    Aria May
    Ever Amigo
    Maverick Blaze
    Indira Love
    Journey Wolf - And this :-)
    Tallullah Jay "Tully"
    Daisy Sunshine
    Aurora Truth - And this too :-)
    Pan Francisco

    My fave ones I came up with were:

    Indigo River- this has been my fave for a boy for years
    Imagine Peace (G)
    Kereru Sky (B) Kereru is a native NZ bird which is beautiful,
    pron Keh-reh-Roo, but you kinda roll the middle "R" bit..hard to explain lol

    Shade Zahavi
    August Moon
    Taliesin Bear
    Whistler Joe Mandala
    Shine Heaven
    Akiva Revolution
    Tallulah Belle
    Kasabian Lee
    Evening Beauty
    Avalon Starlight
    Roisin Meadow
    Gypsy Bee
    Apollo St James
    Phoenix Keen
    Rosa-Mia Beloved
    Aries Raiden Flight
    Freedom Flow Riverstone
    Suki Ray Haven
    Emerald Afternoon
    Onyx Leon
    Banyon Tide
    Zuma Orion True
    Daylight Star
    Sentaro Francis
    Musashi Jude
    Cerulean Cy
    Azura Glade
    Bodhi Tobias Eckhart
    Bliss Azami
    Tasman Zen Sea
    Tan Sparrow
    Kenji Soul Treasured
    Caspian Grace
    Xavian Able Adama

    I would definitely use some of these for my future kids,
    and my kids will be going to an alternative, "hippie" school so their names won't stand out .

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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    berriepine...I love your list too! I couldn't resist commenting on it. These are my favorites:

    Indigo River- LOOOVVVEEE it! I love the nn Indy, which would def be perfect for little Indigo, and River has always been a mn fave for me!
    Imagine Peace- Imagine is really close in pn to Imogene, so I can see this as socially acceptable, plus I like the meaning!
    Kereru Sky (B)- I see it, but shy away from names that people feel they have to be explained.

    Akiva Revolution- not sure about Akiva, but Lord knows I LOVE Revolution!
    Tallulah Belle- Tallulah is on my short list, and it pairs nicely with Belle.
    Avalon Starlight- Avalon is one of the few names I loved as a child that I still love. As for Starlight, I think just about anything can work as a mn, and that's the spot you can really "let loose" and have fun with naming!
    Apollo St James- I love Greek names, and Apollo is an absolute fave. I also love James, and St. James is interesting.
    Freedom Flow Riverstone- REALLY love Freedom, especially nn "Free" and Flow is cute...Riverstone is kinda clunky though imo.
    Onyx Leon- This name is my 2nd fave combo from your list (1st being Indigo River), but I love how this sounds together, and I think its something that sounds distinguished and not "too" hippie!
    Banyon Tide- LOVE Tide...not an uncommon name here in Alabama where we're all football fanatics (Alabama Crimson Tide).
    Zuma Orion True- I don't like Zuma, but Orion is on my boy's short list, and I really like True as a mn.
    Caspian Grace- Caspian is beautiful, but I only see it as a boy's name. Also, I don't care how popular Grace may be, I still love it as a mn.

    Thanks for commenting, and for sharing your great list!

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    Re: Which of these names could you see using in real life?

    Hi l_mc, thanks for your compliments on my list :-)

    Yeah Indigo River has been my fave for so long now and I intend to use it when I have a son one day, I already call him my little Indy :-)..and my sister has told me if i don't use it she certainly will haha she loves it too.
    I like to imagine having Boy-Girl twins Indigo & Imagine :-)

    Onyx Leon really works doesn't it, and I would never have come up with it if I hadn't been playing that game, so its been added to my short list :-)
    And Apollo St James is awesome to, have loved Apollo for awhile and the St James just came to me and I thought it sounded great.

    So thanks again with your comments I agreed with alot of what you said, it's neat to talk to someone with similar taste in names..and all the way over there in Alabama! The wonders of the internet :-)
    Have a happy day :-)

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    I think your list rocks! Proud mom of Stone Garderer (m), Mandala Jade (f), and Renfrew Grove (m)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleystone View Post
    You have WAY too much time on your hands.
    YOU have way too much time on your hands when you have time enough to write a reply like that.
    If you don't like a thread, why don't you do us all a favour and stay out of it.
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