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    Your child's name is: Paige Savannah

    It's your 3-year-old son or daughter's first day of preschool! You're running late so when you get there you are the second to last to drop off. Your child is one of 15 children in the class which means there are 13 children there when you arrive and two teachers. Wow! Your son/daughter is having some separation anxiety so while you try to pry him/her off your leg so you can go to work, you start to learn the names of the other children in the class.

    What is the name of the child...
    1) running around the room hyper? Eli Jayden
    2) sitting by the window wanting mom to come back? Avery Ann
    3) clinging to the teacher? Lilly Jane
    4) coming up to everyone saying "Hi, I'm ___"? Max Cameron
    5) not interested in anyone else around him/her? Brady William
    6) playing with the dinosaurs in the back corner? Aidan Samuel
    7) playing princess dress-up? Alyvia Hope
    8) singing at the top of his/her lungs? Reagan Amelia
    9) too scared to say a word? Bailey Claire
    10) grabbing toys and saying "MINE"? Timothy Mason
    11) already able to write his/her own name? Addyson Sofia
    12) finger painting quietly in the art corner? Kiley Ashlyn
    13) happy to share his/her toys with others? Benjamin Carter
    14) the last one to arrive? Easton Trevor

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